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Copeland Grove: A Tantalizing Timber, Charred Wood and Glass Extension

Transforming a home with a modern rear extension is definitely a hot trend that simply refuses to slow down. Not only does it give an old structure a new lease of life with simple refurbishment and a snazzy addition, but also cuts down significantly on construction costs. Today, we delve into the childhood home of Stephen Kavanagh in North Dublin and take a look at a rear extension that is inviting, contemporary and filled with plenty of natural light. The extension brings natural ventilation into an old, terraced house and acts as a semi-open interface between the main house and the large garden outside.

Charred timber cladding and glass extension to North Dublin home

The new extension houses a contemporary kitchen and dining in neutral hues with warm timber surfaces providing the necessary warmth and textural contrast. Timber plays a major role in shaping the interior of the extension with even the pending lights above the dining table being crafted in wood and concrete! Large glass walls and windows along with a skylight ensure that there are no dark corners here. It is pendant lighting along with cleverly placed LED strip lighting in the ceiling that takes over after sunset to give the addition a cozy, pleasing aura.

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Contemporary rear extension of classic home in North Dublin
Large windows bring in ample natural light
Modern charred timber and glass extension of North Dublin home
Warm timber surfaces give the interior an inviting appeal
Gorgeous dining area and kitchen with beautiful LED strip lighting

On the outside, it is charred wood that defines the extension and its dark cladding makes for a striking visual. Practicality is combined cleverly with unassuming design and modern aesthetics to create a dashing extension that completely alters the ambiance inside a previously dark and dreary Dublin home.

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Skylights bring natural ventilation to the modern kitchen
Timber pendants for the modern dining room
White kitchen and dining inside the contemporary extension of Dublin home
Glass walls and sliding doors bring ample natural light

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