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A Cabin Unlike Any Other Overlooks Rugged Coastline and Forest Canopy!

This gorgeous and unique cabin located on an isolated and scenic lot along the Cape Breton coastline in Nova Scotia brings along with it much more than design excellence. Dubbed the cabin at Rabbit Snare Gorge, it carries with it plenty of nostalgia for the homeowner, and this landscape has been a part of the family for generations. With a rugged coastline on one side that sees arguably some of the roughest weather on the planet and a beautiful forest on the other, the cabin is perfectly placed to make the most of the amazing views on offer. This is precisely why Design Base 8 and Omar Gandhi Architect opted for a three-story structure that towers over the forest canopy with elegance!

View of the entry and landscape around the cabin

On the outside, the cabin is clad in local wood board cladding that gives it a distinct visual appeal, even as a giant windbreak made from welded weathering steel and smart entrance protect it from the constant torrent of Atlantic rainstorms and gusty winds. Rough weather is the norm here, and the entire structure of the cabin has been built to withstand this relentless onslaught from the elements by using redundant sheathing and a strong structural plan. Step inside, and warm wooden tones welcome you gleefully and offer a pleasant break from the tough outdoors.

Awesome cabin along the Cape Breton coastline

Classic cabin style of the region combined with modern design at the fabulous Rabbit Snare Gorge

Entry of the cabin acts as a windbreaker and is inspired by local design

Rabbit Snare Gorge in Nova Scotia

Local wood board cladding covers the exterior of the unique cabin

Windbreak crafted from welded weathered steel offers protection to the cabin

The ground level houses the bedrooms, while the kitchen and dining room are nestled on the second floor, with the living space placed on the top level to give those inside the best possible views. Combining nostalgic past with modernity and personality, this is a cabin that definitely is unlike any other we have ever come across! [Photography: Doublespace Photography]

Double height kitchen and dining space of the cabin on the ground level

Ground level of the cabin with kitchen and dining

Kitchen design on the lower level is contemporary and minimal

Living room on the third floor of the cabin with view of the coastline in the distance

Lawrence MacIsaac recalls stories of his great grandfather using the property to teach his sons how to snare rabbits, while his great grandmother commonly used the ‘laundry stone’ at the bottom of a small waterfall to wash clothing. With the extremely steep sides of the gorge, it was difficult to do anything with the land…

Wooden interior acts as a support that helps that cabin withstand strong winds

Staircase at the fabulous cabin in Nova Scotia

Tall cabin offers amazing views of both the forest and the coastline

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