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Inspired by an Art-Deco Past: Contemporary Suburban Home in Adelaide

It is unquestionable that almost every home across the world is heavily influenced by vernacular design as much as it is by global trends. Local factors shaping homes makes plenty of sense as they are generally shaped by the climatic conditions of the region and materials that are easily available in that part of the world. But borrowing a certain style from an iconic building nearby is far less frequent and that is what one gest with the inventive A Goodwood House designed by RAD-Studio in Adelaide. The house is inspired by the heritage-listed Capri Theater just around the corner and embraces its many gorgeous art-deco influences.

Contemporary home in Adeliade inspired by the art-deco vibe of Capri Theatre
Contemporary home in Adelaide inspired by the art-deco vibe of Capri Theatre

From elegant to custom décor pieces, the house adds art-décor touches to a backdrop that is otherwise significantly contemporary. Color scheme inside the house is largely neutral and entrenched in white with wood and stone creating both textural and visual contrast. Different geometric forms are intertwined in a fluid manner with one room flowing into the next. There is no shortage of space in here with the large house flowing in the backyard and extending the living areas outdoors.

Heritage street facade of the house conceals its more modern interior
Sheltered entrance of the Aussie home with wooden screen and custom wooden beams
Timber beams offer shade for the outdoor sitting area
Custom wooden bench with storage and floating wooden shelves for the family room
Fabulous stone floor give the interior a unique and dashing vibe

Beyond wood and white, one sees an influx of dark gray and black cabinets in both the kitchen and the bedrooms while the bathroom greets you with a custom pickle-green, tiled backdrop. Sloped ceilings, ample natural ventilation and bespoke furniture that combines storage options with comfortable seating complete this modern Aussie home laced with subtle art-deco flavor. [Photography: David Sievers]

Sloped ceiling and black pendant lights turn this dining area into a special space
Small and space-savvy modern bedroom in white with dark gray cabinets
Green tiles for the contemporary bathroom with ample natural light
Modern home office in wood and white with a view of the garden
Floor plan of Goodwood House designed by RAD-Studio
Sherry Nothingam
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