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Black, White and Brilliant Pops of Yellow Revitalize Old Epsom Apartment

Apartment makeover can become tricky when you really do not have a direction to it all. Picking the style and theme of the apartment first makes everything else a whole lot easier. That is just what you get with this bright, polished and even a touch eclectic apartment revamped by Slightly Quirky in Epsom, Sussex. The apartment previously looked cluttered and mundane before the architects decided to completely alter the interiors with a color scheme that relies mainly on just white and black. With a homogeneous while backdrop, black trims, doorways, window frames and accents, the entire interior feels both cheerful and contemporary.

Delightful modern dining room with round white and gold dining table and four yellow chairs

Yet, there is absolutely no shortage of color in this apartment with brilliant pops of yellow stealing the spotlight in the living area and the bedroom. Yellow accents in the form of pillows on the sofa and chairs in the dining area make the biggest visual impact in here even a brilliant blue cabinets make a statement in the kitchen. This love for blue and yellow continues in the adult bedroom with a lovely dark blue accent wall and rug along with cleverly placed yellow throw pillows. The teen girls’ bedroom takes a different approach with Hollywood glam being thrown into the mix while a pink tufted bench adds color to the neutral setting.

Contemporary apartment makeover in Epsom, Surrey with a refined, colorful twist
Dark sofa and club chairs coupled with yellow accents and side table in the living room
Decorating the modern dining room with lovely framed art work
Dining table chairs and accent cushions add yellow to both the living area and dining room
Eclectic contemporary bathroom in black and white with floor tiles that usher in pattern
Modern and minimal bedside table lamp in a bedroom filled with plenty of blue

In the light-filled bathroom, black and white is the chosen color palette with floor tiles providing the pattern. Exquisite, sophisticated and original, this British apartment is unlike most other we have seen!

Polished contemporary kitchen in white and blue with blue cabinets below and white cabinets above
Quirky kitchen countertop with a mosaic pattern and a dash of color
Slim gray vanity is perfect for the small bathroom in black and white
Stunning blue accent wall and rug for the modern bedroom in blue, white and yellow
Teen girls’ bedroom in white with a dash of pink and Hollywood glam!
Brilliant blend of black and white creates the backdrop in every room of the new apartment

Sherry Nothingam

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