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Dark Sophistication: Thirty-Year-Old Apartment Embraces a Smart, Modern Sheen

A relaxing neutral backdrop that generally involves white; shades of gray, cream or beige; and pops of vivid colors and metallic accents that add brightness and visual contrast – this is often the recipe for modern apartment design. But Alfonso Ideas have given this tried and tested formula a subtle upgrade, as they attempted to salvage and renovate a thirty-year-old apartment in the city of Taipei. The color scheme is still largely neutral, but the ambiance inside the apartment seems more sophisticated than serene and borrows from the aesthetics that one usually comes across in a stylish bachelor pad.

Dark and dashing entry of the renovated apartment in Taipei

The dark and dashing atmosphere inside the apartment is created by the clever use of ambient and pendant lights that highlight specific accent additions, feature walls and artwork while ensuring that the ambient light is elegantly dim! It is recessed lighting that sets the mood in the living area, while large pendants take over in the dining space that sits next to it. A comfy and smart alcove seat in the living area with built-in storage adds to the uniqueness of the interior, even as décor is kept distinctly modern.

Cozy reading nook in the living room with bench that offers built-in storage

Tufted ottoman and stylish coffee table at the heart of the round living space

Urbane living space of Taipei apartment with lovely lighting

Industrial modern style pendant lights for the dining room

Lighting plays a major role in shaping the ambiance of the renovated Taipei apartment

Open and refined interior of modern renovated apartment in Taipei

Revamped apartment has a dashing, sophisticated vibe with mood lighting

A midcentury-style credenza in teal adds color to the kitchen in gray and white, and it is a beautiful, giant round window that steals the spotlight in the relaxing master bedroom. Curated, urbane and ergonomic, this polished makeover removes any signs of the apartment’s dreary past.

Solid wood dining table with matching chairs

Fabulous credenza in teal adds color to the kitchen space

Circular window in the bedroom is a showstopper

Sheer curtains coupled with gray drapes in the bedroom

Picture ledge for the headboard wall allows you to decorate in style

Home office with twin work tables and chairs

Spacious bathroom with large floating vanity in white

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