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From Parking Lot to Pleasing Interiors: Industrial Modern Apartment in Paris

Every inch of space is an absolute premium in big cities across the globe, and this is even truer in a city like Paris that is home to some of the most sought-after real estate on the planet. It is barely surprising, then, that an old and neglected parking lot in the heart of the city was transformed into gorgeous, modern apartments at the first possible instant! Designed by Atelier 56S, the Cloys Apartment retains a hint of its past with an exposed concrete and wooden slats-made false ceiling, even as the rest of the space has a distinctly contemporary vibe.

Old parking lot in Paris turned into a beautiful modern apartment

As is the case with most Parisian homes, it is white that is the color of choice here, with custom wooden décor creating visual continuity throughout the inviting interior. Connecting the kitchen, home library, living room and bedroom using storage units and furniture crafted from wood, the architects present a picture of serenity and curated elegance. A movable wall adds another dimension to the apartment, as it allows the homeowner to transform the smaller living area into a large social zone.

Cloys Apartment in Paris combines industrial past with modern sheen

Gorgeous pendant lights steal the show in this elegant dining room

Long corrrridor used to store books in style with a series of wall shelves

Glass doors and walls allow for unobstructed flow of natural light

Smart decor and bookshelf add color and class to the revamped Paris apartment

Wooden cabinets and dark kitchen countertops shape the stylish kitchen

Series of wooden cabinets and furniture give the interior a sense of visual continuity

Glass walls and windows ensure that natural light reaches every part of the home, with beautiful pendant lights stealing the show in the dining room and kitchen. Simplicity and a style that is so distinctly Parisian ensure that the apartment feels nothing like a revamped home crafted from what was once a parking lot. And by keeping the private spaces of the new apartment as minimal as possible, the living space seems much larger than it really is, adding to the cheerful and relaxing ambiance indoors. [Photography: Jeremias Gonzalez]

Concrete and wooden slats-made false ceiling inside the apartment

Mobile wall inside the apartment gives it a flexible design

Old parking lot in Paris transformed into lovely modern apartments by Atelier 56S

Floor plan of Cloys Apartment in Paris

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