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A Minimalist’s Dream: Polished Way Materia Kitchen for the Urban Home

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Fan of minimalism at its sophisticated best? Then you will surely fall in love with the Way Materia! A refined, elegant and minimal modern kitchen designed by Snaidero, this unassuming kitchen feels like a step up from its predecessor – the Way Kitchen. Nothing inside this ultra-cultured kitchen feels out of place and despite the lack of bold colors, flowing pattern and all the other excess one still manages to discover plenty of contrast. This comes in the form of textural beauty that changes from rough island countertops to polished marble finishes and fabulous cabinet doors with a handle-less and seamless design!

Dark and dashing kitchen composition with floating workstation and gorgeous gold faucet from Havin

As with every other kitchen from Snaidero, you can customize the overall form of your specific kitchen, ensuring it fits in with the flor plan ever so perfectly. You can choose between the light, cheerful and contemporary kitchen composition in white or one that is much darker, more stoic and anchored in black. Then there are the many shades of gray that allow you to venture between absolute white and complete black! Depending on the style of your living room and the color palette of the open plan living area that you have going, one can settle both on the hue of the cabinets, island and countertops and also the finishes used.

Minimal and modern Way Materia design from Snaidero perfectly utilize simple, thin pendant lights
Simple and unassuming design of Way Materia lets in fit in with your open plan living
Turn to darker hues for a more dramatic kitchen accented with a simple wood stool
Well-defined proportions of the kitchen make it an aesthetic delight
Combining the kitchen shelving with living rooms shelves next to it
Integrating kitchen appliances into the kitchen island
Marble kitchen island countertop along with wooden breakfast bar

This is a kitchen that relies on clean, well defined design, straight lines and the philosophy of less is more. Open shelves, wonderful display units and brilliant LED strip lighting complete each composition where emphasis is placed on precision, fluidity, ergonomics and of course, minimal aesthetics.

Hanging open shelf makes for a stunning display in the kitchen
Modular glass door kitchen cabinets with beautiful LED strip lighting
Slim and well-lit kitchen shelves with minimal appeal
Slim wooden breakfast bar along with white kitchen island
Textured finish of the kitchen island sets it apart visually
White and wood kitchen composition
Handle-less and minimal floor-to-ceiling cabinets for the contemporary kitchen

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