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Polished Charlotte Home Overlooks Lush Greenery and a Natural Pond

A stunning blend of modern minimalism at its refined best and natural landscape filled with green goodness, the Taylor Residence offers the best of both worlds rolled into one. Designed by in situ studio, this striking contemporary home in Matthews, Charlotte, North Carolina is surrounded by natural woodlands and sits close to a beautiful natural pond. Both the pond and the mature landscape around the house give it a cloak of green and provide ample privacy even as the dashing white structure with black trims stands in captivating contrast. A cleverly concealed driveway snakes through the trees and leads you to the entry of the minimal residence.

Contemporary home in Matthews surrounded by woodland

Much of the house was crafted using wood and concrete with large glass windows, aluminum frames and stucco walls shaping the interior. Despite its minimal style the interior charms with textural contrast in an ever so subtle fashion without ever disturbing the monochromatic color scheme. Dashing oak floors bring in even more visual variance with light and dark elements sit next to each other with ease. It is the lovely scenery outside and the constantly hanging sights and sounds which bring vibrant joy to this sophisticated Charlotte residence where nature occupies center-stage. [Photography: Keith Isaacs]

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Dark window and door frames help anchor the white contemporary home
Natural greenery provides a cloak of privacy around the house
Woodland around the house gives it a serene, natural vibe
Large glass doors and windows connect the minimal interior with view outside
Ultra-minimal interior with concrete accent wall in the TV room
Gray and white minimal kitchen for contemporary home

Exterior areas are wood, concrete, and gravel and spill directly from the interior on both the north and south sides. A large synthetic turf yard to the north provides a play area, bounded by the forest, the drive, and a garage. Selected trees sprinkle the landscape to the south between the house and the pond.

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Contemporary bedroom in white with stone accent wall
Contemporary bedroom in white with stone accent wall
Stairwell brings natural light into the contemporary home
Space-savvy shelving in the corridor
View of the Taylor Residence from the natural pond on its lot
Minimal and modern Taylor Residence in Charlotte
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