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Abstract and Industrial Dutch Home Captivates with Picture-Perfect Views

An incandescent interplay between light and dark, darkness and illumination at its brilliant bets, classic Dutch paintings from masters such as Terbrugghen and Vermeer were all about the beauty of light. Drawing inspiration from 11 beautiful Dutch landscape-paintings, the House with 11 Views by Marc Koehler Architects combines art, architecture and innovation with modern minimalism and contemporary comfort. Light, panoramic views of the landscape that are framed to perfection and deep windowsills that give you the impression of sitting ‘inside the view’ add to the exceptional and unique aura of this smart residence in Almere.

Beautiful views outside the house are framed to perfection using a series of 11 windows

Set on an artificial island, the home has a distinctly minimal, modern aura that is only hidden by a steel exterior, which aims to usher in a dash of industrial charm. The homeowners wanted a loft-like living environment with the living area being as spacious as possible. This coupled with budget constraints dictated the use of corrugated steel and polyurethane shell that houses an expansive interior. It is the lower level that holds the garage and is directly connected to the wooden deck outside while the first floor contains the open living area, kitchen and dining.

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Colorful couch and decor bring brightness to spacious interior in white
Sculptural wooden staircase and minimal interior of the modern Dutch home
Extra deep window sills give an impression of sitting within the view!
Tranquil reading nook next to the window feels picture-perfect
Elegantly framed view of the landscape from the bathtub

Top floor of the home charms with an independent penthouse while the level below houses the bedrooms of the main residence. Windows with deep sills add to the dramatic ambiance indoors even while leaving the abstract and minimal appeal of the residence undisturbed. Décor brings in pops of bright colors even as those inside are left spellbound by the ever-changing canvas outside![Photography: Filip Dujardin]

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Lower level of the house showcases its industrial frame
Steel frame of the home gives it an industrial, loft-like appeal
Natural landscape around the tranquil Dutch home
House with 11 View in Almere
Ground floor plan of the House with 11 Views
First floor plan with living area and dining

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