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Dark and Minimal: Contemporary Norwegian Cabins with Wooden Warmth

Winter might be taking its toll on you and the snow outside just never seems to go away. It is precisely in these moments that one is drawn to the charm and warmth of a beautiful cabin next to snow-clad slopes! These cozy, comfortable and modern escapes take you away from constant rush and allow you to enjoy a hot drink or four while admiring the view outside. Nestled in an area renowned for cross-country skiing, Cabin Sjusjøen finds an exquisite balance between modern minimalism and classic Scandinavian design. Designed by Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter, the cabin is made of 12 triangular planes and its sheltered, L-shaped ends keep the interior toasty warm!

Modern minimalism meets Scandinavian simplicity at the Cabin

The most striking feature of the cabin from a distance is definitely is carbonized wooden board exterior that stands out even more thanks to the snowy slopes. Despite its minimal form, the interior is inviting and tasteful. A dark kitchen island, ample storage and shelf space along with Scandinavian style décor ensure that your stay here is pleasant and hassle-free. Prefabricated wooden elements inside the cabin present a lighter tone. A series of continuous windows open up the shelter towards the views outside with top-notch insulation keeping out the chills.

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Smart placement of windows gives the cabin a modern vibe
White roof and dark exterior of the cabin present a picture of contrast
Gorgeous Norwegian cabin with carbonized wooden boards
Minimal and striking exterior of the Norwegian cabin on snowy slopes
Geometric design of the cabin combines 12 individual triangular planes

Strong winds from the north are all too common in this region of Norway and the cabin’s orientation and overall form specifically ensure that the wind does not damage the property in any form. Beautiful and apt lighting fixtures along with pops of color put the final touches on this dashing getaway that takes you into the heart of Sjusjøen.

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Dark kitchen island complements the dark exterior of the cabin
Lovely Norwegian cabin with dark exterior stands out visually
Simplicity and minimalism make a statement inside the cabin
Warm wooden tones inside the cabin combine minimalism with relaxing elegance
A look into the cabin from the snow-clad slopes around it
Beautifully illuminated hallway of the modern cabin in Norway

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