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Idyllic Landscape and Tranquil Cabins Welcome You at this Timeless Mexican Escape

When the world around us gets chaotic and hectic, we find refuge in nature and design that is uncomplicated. There is a reason why organic finishes, natural materials and vernacular designs are gaining such popularity in recent times. Many urban dwellers wish to escape the constant hustle and bustle and enjoy a few moments in settings where time just seems to slow down. The DSA Development designed by CoA arquitectura in San Antonio, Mexico is one such lovely escape where you can find nature, comfort and a unique living experience being rolled into one!

Stone. concrete and wood along with just a dash of metal shape the exterior ofthe cabins
Stone. concrete and wood along with just a dash of metal shape the exterior of the cabins

One the outside, these cabins are wrapped in stone and concrete with the roof adding a woodsy element to it all. This continues on the inside as well with local building techniques and elements creating a rustic and enchanting retreat where the oak and pine trees outside become a part of the lifestyle. Small paths meandering between the public and private spaces, a bridge connecting the two cabins and unassuming décor that places functionality ahead of form ensure that everything here is smart, ergonomic and relaxing.

Living area of the cabin with stone walls and a sloped wooden ceiling
Long corridors inside the cabin with wooden walls and cabinets connecting various rooms
Look at the interior of the stone cabins with sloped wooden ceiling
Low and sloping roof of the room leaves little space for the Eames lounger and the small wooden console
Custom wooden walls and staircase inside the cabin

As if the trees were exerting some inflection, the volumes rotate subtly searching for visuals and orientations to the different spaces inside and contrast with a shattered silhouette the vertical framework of the context. The cabins are shelter, seeking to transmit it from the entrance, the space narrows to welcome and expands into the living room.

View of the relaxing cabins and the natural landscape around them
Enchanting stone cabins in the woods that offer a serene escape
Oak and pine trees flank the path leading to the rustic Mexican cabins
Small and sheltered bridge connects the two cabin units
Sectional plan of DSA Development designed by CoA arquitectura in San Antonio

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