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15+ Photos That Will Inspire You To Convert That Small Space Into A Bar

We all love to kick back and unwind after a hard day’s work, but by now you’ve discovered that storing your spirits and liquor can be somewhat tricky — especially if you’re short on space. Here are some stylish alternatives to store your favorite adult beverages.

Grand Yet Compact

Anyone will appreciate how this small nook was transformed into an eye-catching bar area. You, too, can enjoy happy hour with this stunning mini winery.

Source: House Beautiful

Bar Royale

Plug your sensibilities into this kitchen nook bar. It’s neatly ordered and has unique lighting, which highlights the owner’s space-saving ingenuity.

Source: Pinterest

Space Control

This coffee-colored bar projects out of the wall with orange lights lending a mellow touch. You can line up wine bottles cork-to-front to save space.

Source: Pinterest

Drawer Stash

Who would have thought that a drawer could make for a home bar? So long as it’s well-organized, any cabinet can be transformed into a liquor port. Flexible dividers can be installed to add more symmetry and to keep the bottles from clanking together.

Source: House Beautiful

Old Coats Out, Cocktails In

If you thought a liquor drawer was daring, wait until you see a liquor closet. This liquor closet embodies the use-what-you’ve-got mentality. The secret of this cocktail bar lies in the appreciation for small things and a knack for creativity.

Source: The New York Times

Vibey Stairway Nook

Maximize corner use by incorporating a fridge for drinks and some shelves for storing pitchers. A marble countertop to mix cocktails on can help you get ready for a party with friends and family any day.

Source: Southern Living

Strata Bar

This living room corner bar is for homeowners who don’t have a clearly defined nook or closet to work with. Set up a vintage bar and three-tiered shelving above for some tiny home bar glamour.

Source: Decoist

The Discreet Unwind

We love the look of this unassuming wall bar. Steel tumblers beside a gloss-framed mirror give an artsy style to a mobile bar beside a cozy chair. Splendid!

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Floating Shelf

A floating shelf such as this one maximizes your vertical space by storing your wine collection, glassware, and mixing paraphernalia in a minimalist, captivating system.

Source: Foter

Cabinet-Side Bar Cart

Add more character to your kitchen cabinets with a bar cart. The small bar station is versatile, as you can even turn it into a cute coffee stand.

Source: Extra Space Storage

TV To Bar

Repurposing a vintage TV to a bar may sound ridiculous. But when done correctly, it becomes a fun box full of delicious beverages. You can also add some LED lighting into the arrangement as a special touch.

Source: Pinterest

Shoe Place Bar

This bar station is actually one fully stocked tray atop a shoe cabinet. And that’s how to work in a bar when a tight space is the only outlet available!

Source: House Beautiful

Remembrance Chalices

This cleverly placed bar is wedged between a bathroom and a closet. The photo above is the owner’s father’s image. He probably raises a glass to pay respects.

Source: Architectural Digest

Smooth And Snazzy

In a spectacular display of space management, this fully stocked cabinet bar sets the tone for a smooth evening kickback.

Source: Pinterest

High Gin Collection

We drool over how efficiently the homeowner made great use of this small space between the living room and the kitchen to install homemade wooden racks for his gin collection.

Source: Rainbow Posters


Strike a lasting impression with this vintage, wall-mounted bar above a coffee-dark, metallic table.

Source: Wayfair

Source: Wayfair

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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