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9 Rug Collections Exuding Quiet Luxury

Rugs come in many colours and patterns, textiles and textures, shapes and sizes. While 21st century technology has revolutionised home comforts, the humble rug, a centuries-old article, is still chosen for its warmth, depth and decoration. A rug that is sustainably and honestly handcrafted, is a thing of quiet luxury. Companies making rugs in this manner value people, resources, design and craft. They include: nanimarquina, Tacchini, Carl Hansen & Søn, and Tania Johnson Design.


Celebrating thirty years of crafting exquisite rugs, nanimarquina recently introduced several new collections to its portfolio, including ‘Blend’ and ‘Mia’. Established by Nani Marquina in 1987, this Spanish company produces handcrafted rugs that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Founder Nani Marquina understands the value of a rug: nanimarquina creates rugs that people will connect with, treasure and love.

Mia with dashed stitching
Mia rug with dashed stitching by Nani Marquina.

Importantly, nanimarquina places a significant emphasis on its social mission, working emphatically to improve the lives of people living in areas where its rugs are manufactured. The company attaches great importance to craftsmanship, culture and heritage, and every rug is expertly and passionately made.

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The ‘Blend’ collection for nanimarquina was designed by Dutch studio Raw Color. A handwoven kilim made in Pakistan, Blend offers three colourful combinations of solid surfaces and surfaces formed using duo tone lines.

Blend 1 by Raw Color
Blend 1 rug by Raw Color for nanimarquina.
Blend 3 by Raw Color
Blend 3 rug by Raw Color for nanimarquina.
Blend by Raw Color III
The three Blend rug colour combinations by Raw Color for nanimarquina.


In ‘Mia’, Nani Marquina has designed a customisable collection of flat-weave dhurrie rugs, made in India. Using an online configurator, the customer chooses the details they wish to include, so creating their own personal design. Customers are able to choose between two sizes, four colours and four different finishes.

Mia and Nani Marquina
Designer and founder Nani Marquina and the Mia rug.
Mia with vertical fringing
Mia rug with vertical fringing by Nani Marquina.

Photos © nanimarquina.

Tacchini Edizioni

Established in 1965 by Antonio Tacchini, Italian company Tacchini combines tradition and innovation to produce its well-made collections. With ‘Tacchini Edizioni’, the brand has created a series of products that will dress, accent and accompany its various furniture pieces. Designs include the ‘Linea’ and ‘Umbra’ rugs by Maria Gabriella Zecca.

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Linea is designed with a series of parallel lines, broken up to create a three-dimensional illusion.

LINEA Tacchini Edizioni I
Linea rug in black and white by Maria Gabriella Zecca for Tacchini Edizioni.
LINEA Tacchini Edizioni II
Linea rug in champagne pink and khaki green by Maria Gabriella Zecca for Tacchini Edizioni.


Umbra is a contemporary rug design that plays with geometry, light and shadow.

UMBRA Tacchini Edizioni I
Umbra rug by Maria Gabriella Zecca for Tacchini Edizioni.
UMBRA Tacchini Edizioni II
Umbra rug by Maria Gabriella Zecca for Tacchini Edizioni.

Photos via Archiproducts.com.

Carl Hansen & Søn

As a celebration of nature, Naja Utzon Popov—a Danish sculptor, textile designer and ceramicist—has designed two new rug collections with Carl Hansen & Søn: Botanica and Oceania. These two collections are inspired by the natural environments of Denmark and Japan.

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In the Botanica series, rugs feature organic patterns evocative of plants and the flowing movements of a traditional Chinese dragon dance.

NUP007 BOTANICA Kiri green
NUP007 Botanica Kiri rug in green by Naja Utzon Popov for Carl Hansen & Søn.


In the Oceania series, rugs reference the intricate, cracked fissures of a seabed and the beauty of a coral reef.

NUP005 OCEANIA Seabed dark grey
NUP005 Oceania Seabed rug in dark grey by Naja Utzon Popov for Carl Hansen & Søn.
NUP008 OCEANIA Coral light gray
NUP008 Oceania Coral rug in light gray by Naja Utzon Popov for Carl Hansen & Søn.

Photos courtesy of Carl Hansen & Søn.

Tania Johnson Design

At Tania Johnson Design, contemporary, hand-knotted rugs in Himalayan wool and Chinese silk are inspired by nature and place, light and reflection. Tania Johnson translates textural images—captured fleeting moments—into truly sumptuous and eye-catching rugs. Each rug is skilfully handmade in Nepal by adult artisans, under a programme that improves working conditions and helps to fund educational opportunities for children.


Forest is inspired by the ‘blur of trees captured while driving along a rainy road’.

Forest in Maroon Cream
Forest rug (part of the ‘Elements’ collection) in maroon cream by Tania Johnson Design.


In Waterlines, ‘swirling lines of pattern are created by light dancing on water.’

Waterlines navy taupe view 2
Waterlines rug (part of the ‘Water’ collection) in navy taupe by Tania Johnson Design.


‘As a single drop of water makes its way down a pane of condensation on a rainy day in London, a clear stripe of contrast is formed.’

TaniaJohnsonDesign_London rug_HR-039
London rug (part of the ‘Places’ collection) in gold stone by Tania Johnson Design.

Photos by Gavin Kingcome Photography © 2017 Tania Johnson.

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