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On the Edge of Paradise: Transcendent Hotel by the Water Falls!

Waking up to the sight of a lush green rainforest, a mesmerizing valley draped in greenery and a majestic waterfall from your luxurious hotel room does sound like an absolute dream! And this is precisely what you get when you spend a night at the spectacular Hotel by the Water Falls in the scenic hill town of Ramboda, Sri Lanka. It truly is a world removed from urbane clutter and never-ending rush as this cliff-side hotel designed by Palinda Kannangara Architects offers serenity, privacy and comfort even as you relax in the lap of nature.

Stunning 6-story hotel building blends into the majestic landscape of Ramboda
Stunning 6-story hotel building blends into the majestic landscape of Ramboda

The unique location of the hotel and building requirements meant that only 2 floors of structure were permitted above the street level. What seems like a crippling restriction was turned into an opportunity to design a mesmerizing getaway with four private levels carefully carved into the hillside! The design allows the hotel to blend into the backdrop even while ensuring that view of travelers using the winding mountain road is as unhindered as possible. The four lower levels also offer sweeping views of the Kotmale reservoir, waterfalls in the distance and the greenery beyond.

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Amazing view of rainforest and waterfalls from the hotel
Lounge of the hotel with a viewing spot that offers 270-degree view of the mesmerizing forest landscape
Majestic view of the tropical forests and the distant waterfalls from the restaurant
Ingenious design of the hotel places four floors below the road level
Dreamy restaurant at the Hotel by the Waterfalls in Sri Lanka
View of the forest and the waterfalls from the luxury suite

A captivating highlight of this Sri Lankan hotel is the amazing cantilevered open viewing deck that is 30-foot wide and provides visitors and guests with a 270⁰ view of the tropical forest and hills all around. The expansive 6 levels of the hotel contain 27 guest rooms along with a luxury suite on the lowest floor, a fabulous restaurant that also leaves you spellbound with more astounding scenery, a gem store, an observation deck, parking and other spaces for public activity. A perfect escape for those who love a flair for the dramatic with plenty of green!

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Hotel by the Waterfalls is designed to blend into the landscape
View of the upper two levels of the hotel from the road
Wooden slats next to the stairs bring in ample natural light
Restaurant level floor plan of Hotel by the Water Falls at Ramboda
Road level floor plan of the hotel
Second level floor plan of the Hotel by the Water Falls

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