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Dream Luxury Boutique Hotel Unveils Maltese Magic Laced with Oriental Touches

There are times when we seek to escape the mundane with a holiday that transports you into a ‘parallel universe’ of sorts; a world detached from the constant rush and endless clamor of gadgets and machines! Yet, there are few getaways that actually provide this rare blend of serenity, privacy and luxury, allowing you to leave behind your daily woes. Set in the idyllic backdrop of the Mediterranean and within the confines of one of Birgu’s oldest buildings, Locanda La Gelsomina is one such rare oasis of tranquility and splendor.

Entrance of the luxurious boutique hotel Locanda La Gelsomina in Birgu

Step back in Time!

Home to the cultural crucible of Malta and acting as its gateway to sun, sea and sandy retreats, Birgu epitomizes the very best of Malta. And Locanda La Gelsomina reflects the timeless aura and artistic brilliance of this old city to perfection. The luxury boutique hotel is set in one of the oldest buildings of the city and dates back to early 1500’s. Its stone walls instantly draw you in on a journey that seems to turn back the clock and transport you into simpler times! At each turn you expect to discover something stunning, mysterious and unique, as you explore its entrance breakfast area and of course, your own luxurious suite. The best part about it is that Locanda La Gelsomina does not disappoint…

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Street facade of the luxury boutique hotel in Malta has a timeless, classic appeal
Reception at the Locanda La Gelsomina combines old world Maltese charm with art collection from far east
Stunning spiral staircase inside the boutique hotel with a splash of yellow
Fireplace at the common dining area and breakfast zone with stone walls around
Beautiful and relaxing breakfast area at the Locanda La Gelsomina

Buddha, Bliss and Birgu: Discovering Solitude

The concept of combining Eastern décor, accessories and art with Western principles ofcomfort and design finds home inside Locanda La Gelsomina. Despite pampering your endlessly, the boutique hotel creates a Zen-like atmosphere where you inherently find yourself gravitating towards the more simpler delights of life. A few days here and the smartphone, tablet and laptop would start feeling like unnecessary hindrances that take away from the joy of life!

Cheerful and light-filled living room of fourth suite at Locanda La Gelsomina

A stunning collection of antiques, artwork and decorative pieces from Burma to Mongolia, Japan to India, greet you inside. Soon, the stone walls of the hotel, its classic appeal, indoor greenery and delightful use of antiques sets the backdrop for a relaxing and fun holiday that is unlike any other. A perfect base from which you can sail on to explore the island and beyond.

Bedroom of the second suite with traditional antique Maltese tiles, stone walls and pops of red and blue
Private alcove with a comfy bed at the 50 square meter suite inside Locanda La Gelsomina
Splashes of bright green bring Mediterranean magic into the lovely hotel
Relaxing living room with stone walls inside the second suite of Locanda La Gelsomina

Living with Color and Curated Antiques!

The Hotel offers four different suites, each with their own unique personality that is simply charismatic. Color has always been a staple of Mediterranean design and from the brilliant pops of yellow that embellish the fabulous spiral staircase outside to the bathroom tiles in each suite, life comes alive inside Locanda La Gelsomina. Each suite has its own calling card with extravagant splashes of red, a private alcove that holds a double bed and a gorgeous balcony shaping Suite One.

Spiral staircase leading to the alcove bedroom inside the first suite at Locanda La Gelsomina
Stunning view of the spiral staircase and indoor greenery from the second suite
Decorative pieces from Far East lend tranquil charm to the interior in stone walls
Lovely pattern and butterfly motifs dominate the third suite inside Locanda La Gelsomina
Mellow yellow walls and exposed ceiling beams usher in Mediterranean style inside the Maltese hotel
Small study and beautiful lighting inside the first floor suite
Stunning splashes of red inside suite one steal the show

Suite Two offers a brilliant view of the spiral staircase and greenery inside the hotel even as traditional Maltese design, exquisite tilework and a few cleverly concealed secrets inside the stone walls make your stay unforgettable. Vivienne Westwood’s eye-catching wall and butterfly motifs enchant inside Suite Three while Suite Four is all about textured walls in mellow yellow, amazing view of Birgu and enduring Mediterranean charm. Picking one for you stay is probably going to be the most difficult part of your trip to Malta!

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Antique Mongolian and Maltese combined inside the fourth suite
Balcony with iron grill of the first suite at the boutique hotel
Bathroom at the first suite of Locanda La Gelsomina with stone walls, white tiles and pops of yellow and red
Beautiful stone details peek through even polished surfaces at the dreamy boutique hotel
Carefully preserved and restored stone walls from early 1500s inside the boutique hotel
Copper pendants bring a modern glint to the timeless setting
Exquisite collection of rare decor and art pieces inside Suite One of Locanda La Gelsomina

A Cup of Rejuvenation

Life at Locanda La Gelsomina promises comfort beyond its vivacious suites and the wonders of Birgu. A teahouse and boutique that is open even for all introduces you to a gourmet culinary expreince that includes award-winning organic Bellocq tea blends. Then there are the yoga retreats that aid in a more holistic approach to health and peace of mind. No matter what your preferences are, you are bound to discover a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at Locanda La Gelsomina – a vacation that brings forth Mediterranean goodness at its classic best.

Fabulous bathroom draped in yellow tiles and filled with natural light
Gray and red bathroom with classic mirror and beautiful stone walls
View from the terrace of the suite at Locanda La Gelsomina
View of the iconic Fort Saint Angelo in Birgu
Views around Città Vittoriosa

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