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Luxurious Tiny Cabin Getaway in Wood Embraces Nature: Nature Villa

Every corner of the world holds within it some amazing escapes that allow you to get away from your mundane life and enjoy a slice of nature that is just unparalleled. Nestled in the Maidla Nature Resort, situated just 45 minutes away from Tallinn and in gorgeous wetlands where the cycle of life, death and regeneration unfold ever so magically, the Nature Villa by b210 is a private hideaway unlike any other. The small and charming woodsy cabin has been crafted almost entirely using Thermo ash; the deep and enriching wood giving it an unmistakable aura.

Birch trees around the cabin are left intact as they grow into the wooden deck

Yet, unlike most other nature retreats and small cabins, you are greeted by a world of luxury on the inside. Despite the lack of space, the contemporary bedroom in gray with sweeping glass walls all around, fireplace in the corner and other space-savvy features ensure that your stay here is as comfortable as it is refreshing. Even though the cabin is built to house just a couple of individuals, its custom deck and design ensure that many more can join in on the party outside!

Cozy and eco-friendly wooden cabin in the woods with smart glass doors and drapes
Fabulous lighting and captivating views make outdoor life at the cabin an absolute pleasure
Small wooden cabin with triangular edges and ample deck space in the woods of Estonia
View of the modern, small wood cabin in Estonia from above
Cabin built around the existing birch trees ensures that its footprint is as non-invasive as possible

Everything from beautiful sunsets and birdwatching to a walk across the boardwalk leading to local historic sights and more – life here slows down so that you can discover yourself once again. With existing birch trees being intertwined with the deck, the cabin also leaves as little footprint as possible. [Photography: Tonu Tunnel]

Bedroom of the cabin with king-size bed and a cozy fireplace in the corner
Gorgeous bedroom of the small cabin escape with contemporary style and gray wall backdrop
Look inside the cabin bathroom and other space-savvy areas
Modern Estonian design elemnts greet you inside the luxurious cabin room
Nature meets a relaxing private escape at this small cabin in Estonia

Sherry Nothingam

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