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A Quest for Serenity: Family Residence with Brick Walls and Indoor Greenery

While we often do not go into the details of the costs involved in the creation of dream homes and fabulous renovations that we often feature on Decoist, it is often the single most important factor that defines these houses. Not many of us have the luxury of an ‘unrestricted budget’, and for 7A architecture studio, which shaped the Nguyen’s House in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam, building costs were one of the guiding forces behind the design of this lovely family residence. With low construction costs and low-skilled local workers to deal with, this ingenious house is all about maximizing both space and resources!

Thick brick wall gives the facade of the house a unique modern industrial look

The façade of the house is truly unique, with a smart brick wall seamlessly blending in with its more contemporary surroundings. The thick brick wall was as much a functional addition as it was aesthetic, with its presence keeping out harsh afternoon sunlight and excessive heat during those really hot summer days. Another striking feature of the house is the way that it blends a dash of Asian minimalism with modernity, as the simple wooden decor in the living area coupled with furniture salvaged from the homeowner’s old residence creates a relaxing, stylish atmosphere.

Wooden furniture of the living space gives it a minimal, modern look

Minimal decor gives the modest living room a spacious appeal

Open living space with brick wall and pleny of natural light

Large framed windows and doors give the kitchen and dining space an open appeal

Indoor tree and cage add an interesting visual to the serene private residence

Zen-like meditative nook with indoor plant

On the lower level of the house, one finds the living area, along with the kitchen, dining space and a Zen-style nook next to the staircase that also holds an indoor tree. Additional bedrooms and storage spaces make up the rear part of the ground floor, with the first floor holding the master bedroom and study. Skylights that usher in a flood of natural light and smart artificial lighting complete an exquisite home where ergonomics and frugality take precedence over outlandish style and aesthetics! [Photography: Hoang Dung Nguyen]

Open shelves above the kitchen counter at the stylish modern house in Vietnam

It is the persence of indoor tree that gives serenity and defines this cool Vietnamese home

Bringing in natural light allows you to have lovely indoor plants

Skylight brings ample natural light into the lower level living area

Lower level living area floor plan with kitchen, dining and bedrooms

Second level floor plan of the revamped home in Dak Lak Province

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