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25 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Live-Edge Headboard

Live-edge décor is definitely a hot design trend that is sweeping people off their feet with both its uniqueness, and the raw, natural quality it brings to contemporary spaces. In concrete jungles that often lack personality and sterile spaces where all you find is ‘more of the same’, gorgeous live-edge furniture can make a huge difference. A live-edge coffee table can easily become the showstopper of your living room, while others might prefer the live-edge dining table and all its splendor come the busy Holiday season and its seemingly endless lineup of feasts. Having already shared those inspirations with you, today we turn our attention to the bedroom.

Stunning industrial bedroom with live-edge headboard and unique accent wall [Design: James Maynard- Vantage Imagery]

A live-edge headboard is something that will surely set your bedroom apart from the crowd and give it a sense of inviting warmth. Drawing inspiration from nature and creating a sense of serenity and relaxation is increasingly becoming the biggest demand of homeowners when it comes to bedroom design. A stunning slab of wood in all its glory can help accomplish this by acting as a striking headboard that either complements the theme of the room or gives it a dramatic, contrasting focal point. With that in mind, we have 25 inspirations for you today, each one giving one more strong reason to bring home the live-edge headboard!

Custom Delights

One of the biggest perks of a live-edge headboard is the exclusivity that it brings to the bedroom. If you are really good with DIY skills (say intermediate-level skills), then crafting a stunning piece of headboard from a slab of wood is barely an issue. It is a DIY project that you can easily try out at home. The hardest part is of course finding that mesmerizing slab of wood that you absolutely adore. Once that is done, everything else becomes a whole lot easier. If you really are not the DIY type, then you can even order a one-of-a-kind bed with a live-edge wood frame and headboard from sites like Anthropologie.

One-of-a-kind modern rustic platform bed with live-edge goodness [Design: Littlebranch Farm / Kelly Maxwell]
Exquisite modern bed with live-edge headboard from Anthropologie
Create your own DIY live edge headboard [Design: Pearson Design Group]
Whitewashed brick wall backdrop for the modern bedroom with woodsy bed [Design: Schappacher White Architecture]
Cedar slab acts as headboard in this cool bedroom [From: Dykstra Wood Works]

Matching Décor

We constantly talk about how essential it is to repeat accent colors and unique features in a room to give the interior a more curated look. This is no different in the case of live-edge wood and the bedroom. A live-edge headboard coupled with side tables crafted from the same grain of wood can instantly give the contemporary bedroom a huge facelift. Sometimes you can head in a completely different direction by combining posh, polished bedside tables with the rustic live-edge headboard, but repeat the woodsy charm using a bench at the foot of the bed.

Contemporary bedroom in white with live edge headboard [Design: Magdalena Keck Interior Design]
Custom bed with live-edge headboard for the rustic bedroom [Design: Design House, Inc]

Remember, though, that the attempt here is to pick and choose décor that complements the headboard. These furnishings should not overpower the image of the exquisite live-edge headboard and take away from its mesmerizing presence. If you have a bed frame that is entirely crafted from raw, natural wood, then let it shine through as well by keeping the bedding as simple and neutral as possible.

Live edge king bed and side tables in the traditional bedroom [Design: Urban Rustic Living]
Live-edge headboard and bench transform the rustic bedroom [Design: Troys Flooring]
Cabin style bedroom with woodsy charm [Design: Laura Fedro Interiors]

Rustic Charm

This is undoubtedly the biggest reason why people are so head over heels about the live-edge headboard. It brings a certain rustic vibe to the contemporary bedroom, and you get this without a complete makeover that costs a fortune. If modern rustic is your style, then the natural-edge headboard seems like almost a must at this point! Apart from seamlessly blending with contemporary styles, it also gives you great design flexibility and lets you switch to a ‘completely rustic or farmhouse’ mode with ease. Add to it styles such as industrial, bohemian and shabby chic that also invite the slab headboard gleefully, and you have a plethora of styles to choose from.

Modern rustic bedroom with live edge headboard slab [From: Matthew Heritage Interior Photographer]
Rustic bedroom elements adapted to fit into a contemporary setting [From: Christopher Stark Photography]
Craftsman style bedroom with live edge frame bed [Design: Marty Rhein]
Live-Edge Wood headboard is an absolute showstopper [Design: Dufner Heighes Inc]

A Splash of Serenity

We did already allude to the big reason why live-edge furniture and features like the reclaimed barn door are so very popular again. Many of us want to discover and re-discover our roots and once again find that connection with all things nature-centric. This means bedrooms are increasingly becoming less sterile and more cozy, with each one having a personality of its own. Instead of trying to mimic the ‘catalog version’, homeowners now want bedrooms to reflect their personality and to act as relaxing getaways that transport them into a different dimension. Live-edge headboards definitely are a big part of this tranquil image!

Asian and organic styles rolled into one [Design: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects]
Cool bedroom in gray paints an image of serenity [Design: Elizabeth Strianese Interiors]
Let the bed become the star of your bedroom! [Design: Capricorn Engineering & Drafting Services]
Sculptural wall art above the live-edge headboard in the contemporary bedroom [Design: Chelsea+Remy Design]
A stunning addition to the headboard wall – raw slab of wood! [Design: Diane Paparo Associates]

Contemporary and Classy

Much like in the case of most other accent features and smart highlights, it is the neutral, contemporary bedroom that brings the very best out of the live-edge headboard. Thanks to both the unassuming backdrop and lack of other dramatic additions, these refined bedrooms allow the headboard to make a great impression and turn the bed into the focal point of the room. (This is the way it should be!) Bedrooms in white and gray are unsurprisingly the popular choice here, but you can even couple this headboard with bright hues like purple and blue. Do stay away from an orange or yellow backdrop, though, as the wooden headboard might simply be lost in a backdrop with color that is very similar to it.

Live edge queen bed from Anthropologie
Live wood bed frame becomes the stand out feature of the contemporary bedroom [Design: AJS Designs]
Platform bed with live-edge headboard in contemporary setting [Design: Carpette Multi Design]
Purple gives the modern bedroom brightness and an air of sophistication [Design: Madison Taylor]
Beautiful live-edge maple headboard for contemporary bedroom in blue and gray [Design: RE-CO BKLYN]

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