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Colorful and Bright Building in Thailand Changes the Image of Boring Libraries!

Often it is the simplest design solutions that end up creating the most efficient and mesmerizing of buildings and it is no different in the case of the lovely Reading Room – Atlibrary designed ever so beautifully by Sher Maker. This exquisite library is unlike anything else you will come across as it does more than just a place to come together for the local community while sharing their passion for books. Nestled in Thailand, the library was built on a modest lot sitting among giant industrial structures and tight budget constraints defined both its form and overall dimensions. It is a sturdy steel frame along with translucent panes that give it a striking silhouette.

Smart windows and translucent glass panes bring in ample natural light

The smart panes do much more than just bring a unique visual to the library. They allow natural light to flow in unhindered and cut down the library’s reliance on artificial lighting sources. An upper level mezzanine space can be used in multiple ways while the outdoor sitting area can also be maximized when needed. Swiveling wooden framed windows offer more ventilation avenues even as the library attempts to move away from the traditional and boring image of such spaces by using both color and an interesting combination of materials.

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Fabulous new library in Thailand with a steel frame and glass exterior
Greenery brings added color to the interior
Mezzanine level of the library can be used in multiple ways
Modest library building with greenery all around it
Reading Room – Atlibrary in Thailand
Steel and translucent glass pane structure for the library

Even the seating options inside this modest library seem far less rigid when compared to other traditional avenues and a world of greenery around the building makes it even more special. A perfect place to dig in to a book or even the day’s newspaper without ever getting disturbed! [From: Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu]

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Wooden swing windows offer a peek into the library
Colorful floor, wood and glass combine to create a lovely library
Desk at the library

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