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Finding the Right Leather Bar Stools: Style, Space and Finish

The kitchen is such a diverse space when it comes to design that it can be altered in many tiny ways to make a larger visual impact. Sometimes we turn to trends and latest ideas to get the job done. On other occasions, you can stick to the tried and tested color scheme or theme to give the old kitchen a new lease of life. With trends like farmhouse style, a splash of green and white and wood color palette making big waves this year, it is time to look at another hot trend that gives the kitchen a touch of sophistication in its own unique way. A leather bar stool for the kitchen counter or for the home bar is one such gorgeous addition that ends up stealing the spotlight with ease.

Striking use of leather bar stools in the modern farmhouse kitchen in white

Yes, these bar stools are so versatile that they can move away from the kitchen island or the home bar and can be used anywhere needed. The best bar stools are those that accentuate the style of the room while adding something new and unique. From space and style to finish and hues, this is how you can add a leather bar stool without trying too hard –

For Modern Spaces

In the modern kitchen, it is pretty easy to add leather bar stools without altering the color scheme of the space drastically. If you are searching for ways in which you can increase the ‘urbane’ appeal of the kitchen, then these are undoubtedly the best option. A smart and sleek bar stool draped in leather also ensures a lot of times that the focus remains firmly on other features in the room. In a kitchen with white islands and kitchen counters, the dark leather bar stool brings contrast and anchors the light, cheerful setting with ease. This is why they are so very easy to turn to in modern kitchens and home bars!

Posh brown leather bar stools for the refined transitional kitchen in white and wood [From: Signature Homes]
Comfortable and stylish leather bar stools for the modern kitchen stand out visually [From: Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath]
Stylish black leather stools for the built-in home bar in the basement [From: Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath]

Minimal and Efficient

The slim leather bar stool can be a part of the tiniest kitchen and adding it to the small setting can set the tone for the rest of the room as well. Keeping the frame of the bar stool slim makes sure that the addition blends in with the backdrop and whether you pick a piece with metallic frame or one in wood, the stylish leather seat makes a difference with ease. These fabulous stools also do not tug too heavily on your project and you just need a couple at times to give the limited space an easy and quick makeover.

Gorgeous home bar with minimal design and bar stools in leather that stand out visually [From: Clb Network]
Traditional kitchen with ample lighting, metallic pendants and minimal bar stools in beige [From: Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design]
Contemporary bar stools with leather stools that feel modern and minimal [From: KohlMark Architects and Builders]

Finish that You Fancy

Yes, when it comes to leather bar stools, you might not have too much of a choice when it comes to the material of the seat. But you can still choose between slim metallic frames, bulky wooden bases or those in transparent acrylic before settling on the hue of the leather seat as well. From dark black and classic brown to cherry red and easy-going brown, the options here are also plenty. If you prefer something much more comfortable, then the bar stool can be replaced by the bar chair as well. No matter what you prefer, make sure you add a bit of leathery charm to your kitchen this summer!

Rustic home bar with bar stools that are exquisite and have a leather covering [From: RMT Architects]
Traditional basement bar with brick face and bar stools in leather [From: jcSelects]
Gray bar stools for add style and elegance to the traditional kitchen in pink and wood [From: Classic Kitchen and Bath]
Plush leather decor and bar stools add class and sophistication to the man cave-styled space

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