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Laundry Room Carts: 12 Mobile and Space-Savvy Ways to Organize!

How many of us have space for an exclusive and dedicated laundry room? It is often a part of the bathroom, kitchen, mudroom or is carefully combined with the home workspace and play zone to create a multi-tasking room. Even then, we tend to struggle to find space for everything we need and an unorganized laundry can quickly create a messy home. For many, laundry is a major chore that takes up several hours of their week and a messy laundry room means that is even more agonizing! Time to clean up your act, tap into that tiny nook of free space left in the laundry room and make your life a whole lot easier by using a cool laundry room cart!

A simple laundry basket on wheels can create a more organized home! [From: Ikea]

Laundry room carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from those custom units on wheels that hold everything from folding station and cabinets to a rack for hanging your clothes and space for dirty laundry. Then there are those units we like to call ‘baskets on wheels’; nifty little things that pack plenty of punch with simplicity and mobility. Choosing the right laundry room cart is all about your own laundry needs and available room and these 12 cart ideas should get you started in the right direction –

Rolling in on Wheels!

A simple laundry basket on wheels or even a cart with a couple of baskets and a simple floating shelf above it can completely alter your laundry room. For starters, you need not have to eternally pick up damp clothes from the floor and the mobility of the cart means even your kids would stop complaining about having to go to a designated spot to find the laundry bag. Trust us, a cart on wheels inherently forces everyone to use the laundry bag regularly and when you are done with the rounding up of those dirty clothes, it can be simply slid under any of the counters in the room. Once the weekend rolls in, the basket can be rolled out!

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An easy way to tuck away messy clothes and move them to the laundry room [From: Arlington Construction Management]
Laundry baskets on wheels helps save space in the laundry room
Modern laundry room storage cart on wheels
Transitional laundry room with baskets on wheels [From: Divine Custom Homes]
A laundry basket or cart on wheels can be easily tucked away when not in use

Versatile and Space-Savvy

Laundry room carts are not always just giant bags with compartments on wheels! There are plenty of other options around that offer far more in terms of both storage and laundry needs. A folding station, ironing station, a basket for the delicates and some space for your detergent and fabric softener… These awesome units on wheels provide a one-stop setting for all your laundry needs. Whether you prefer budget buys from IKEA or something more elaborate and expensive, finding one of these multi-tasking carts can completely transform the small laundry space.

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Slim shelf on wheels slides into even the tiniest corner with ease
Squeezing in the laundry basket on wheels into the narrow kitchen[From: SchappacherWhite Architecture]
Martha Stewart Laundry Storage Cart offers a host of solutions for small laundry rooms

Turn to DIYs

If you are a regular on Decoist, you know already that we absolutely adore DIY projects and a laundry room cart offers another great opportunity to craft something on your own even while saving plenty of dough! A budget friendly and ultra-slim cart for the laundry room like the one we unearthed on Infarrantly Creative can slide into even the tiniest of spaces between the washer and dryer while a more wiry design that you see below is even easier to craft. Those who just want a mobile station for all their laundry baskets might prefer the DIY laundry basket dresser idea. Time to get creative!

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Smart laundry room cart can also easily be used in other rooms
DIY slim laundry cart design with building plans
Space-savvy DIY laundry basket dresser on wheels

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