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Modern Farmhouse: A Dream Lakeside Escape with Mesmerizing Views

There are times when you want a home that allows you to escape from your immediate surroundings – maybe a refreshing green oasis in the heart of an urban jungle. Then there are occasions when the structure plays second fiddle to scenery outside and you just want the landscape to take over. Set on a stunning lakefront lot in Jasper, the Modern Farmhouse falls into the latter category and it is sight of flowing water, endless greenery and rolling hills that steal the show here! And to their credit, Christopher Architecture & Interiors design a holiday retreat that maximizes views and enhances the marvel of the captivating setting.

Mesmerizing vacation home on a mountain next to the lake is simply spellbinding

A glass façade is the real show stopper at this modern retreat as it opens up the interior completely to the view outside. You are surrounded by nature completely and it is changing sunlight through the day and the passage of seasons that provide a dynamic, colorful and hypnotic backdrop that takes you back into nature’s lap. The glass walls are seamless and there are times when you would believe that the boundaries are simply non-existent! On the inside, it is a curated blend of farmhouse aesthetics and modern comfort that take over.

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Modern family retreat next to the lake is set on a mountain edge
Changing seasons and light conditions give the interior a vibrant setting
Frameless walls of glass turn the stunning outdoors into backdrop for the interior
Romantic balcony with a view of the lake and beautiful mountains
Modern and farmhouse styles rolled into one at the exquisite getaway

A rough terrain and undulating landscape do not stop the architects from shaping a dramatic vacation home that the whole family can enjoy. An open living area along with kitchen and dining are set at the rear of the property and towards the glass façade while the front of the house holds the more private bedrooms. A dream escape in every sense of the word! [Photography: Luker Photography]

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Wall of glass blurs the boundaries between the interior and the landscape outside
Curated landscape around the vacation home
Floor plan of second level of the farmhouse
Floor plan of the Modern Farmhouse in Jasper

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