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Lakeside Cottage Combines Dramatic Views with Ample Privacy

That dreamy escape which takes you away from all the urban rush and provides a comfortable refuge for a large family all year long, the Lake Mississauga Cottage designed by Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson is a cozy world in itself. The tranquil lakeside getaway on the edge of Lake Mississauga combines wood, glass and stone in a seamless manner while bringing the outdoors inside. With an L-shaped design plan, the building offers ample privacy even as the rear section and deck open up to the expansive lake views. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls along with large windows ensure that every room of the vacation house is well-lit.

Brilliant blend of stone, wood and glass to create a breezy lakeside family escape

The open plan living area of the house provides unabated lake views from every corner with the kitchen in bluish-gray offering visual contrast to the monotonous space in wood and glass. On the other end of the living area is a stone fireplace that becomes the focal point of the family zone. A glazed hallway connects the private and public spaces with the large wooden deck outside becoming a great space to relax and rejuvenate each evening. A comfortable and functional holiday home! [Photography: Jeanie Tam]

Nature provides ample privacy to this lakeside escape with a relaxing vibe
Open plan living area, dining space and kitchen of the family vacation home
Secluded location of the Lakeside Residence keeps away prying eyes
Stone accent wall for the cabin-style living room in wood and glass
View of Lake Mississauga from the cottage bedroom
Bluish-gray island and cabinets for the modern kitchen with ample natural light
Floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a wooden frame bring natural light indoors
Look inside the small and cozy sunroom and family room of the Lakeside home

A horizontal wing built parallel to the shoreline skews communal and open-concept, joining a large great room with a spacious kitchen. A second, vertical volume intersects this form at a ninety-degree angle to introduce two floors of sleeping quarters. Flanking the edge of this taller volume, a glazed hallway creates a sunlit link between the cottage’s two main zones, building a sense of anticipation as it approaches the sprawling great room’s sublime lake view

Mesmerizing lake views from the open living area and kitchen of the home
Modern and elegant design of the open plan living area
First level floor plan of Lake Mississauga Cottage by Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Second level floor plan of Lake Mississauga Cottage

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