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Expansive L-Shaped Brazilian Home Embraces the Outdoors in Vernacular Style

We love contemporary homes that blur traditional boundaries between the exterior and the indoors and give homeowners unabated access to the landscape. Set in a busy neighborhood, this Brazilian home offers just that with an L-shaped design that carefully shelters the garden area and the pool zone within. Embracing vernacular architectural principles and combining them with modernity, House of the Winds created by Leo Romano has a living area and social zone that effortlessly flows into the backyard. Even more impressive is its smart use of concrete and steel on the outside that gives the two intersecting volumes of the home a unique look.

Living room of the house in white and wood

On the inside one sees a neutral color palette take over with décor designed by renowned Brazilian makers like Sergio Rodrigues and Oscar Niemeyer making the biggest impact. Even here color is kept down to a minimum with only the giant wall art piece above the dining room credenza offering a splash of brightness to an otherwise understated setting. Wood and white color scheme takes over every room of the house with the lower level containing the open living space, kitchen and dining and the top level housing the bedrooms.

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Large lantern-style pendant for the dining room
Open-style living area next to the pool brings the outdoors inside
Sheltered and private interior with small walkway next to it
Sliding drapes offer privacy to the living room when needed
Smart lighting and large painting for the modern dining area
Garden and pool area of the Brazilian home

Greenery outside becomes an organic part of the house while sheers and drapes allow the homeowners to create a more sheltered and private setting whenever needed. Wooden windows and doors also add to the aesthetic appeal of the street façade while the interior remains chic, relaxing and perfect for an impromptu social gathering!

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Two different structures of the house interact to create a beautiful visual
Vernacular design and locally sourced decor for the House of the Winds
Steel rebar and concrete exterior of the House in Brazil
Sweeping yard and pool area of the L-shaped contemporary home in Brazil
Floor plan of lower level of Brazilian home
Upper level floor plan of House of the Winds

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