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Eye-Catching Trends: 25 Gorgeous Kitchens with Gallery Walls that Charm

When it comes to a space that we constantly tweak around to give a fresh new look, the kitchen is the one that tops them all. It could be something as simple as a change in placement of the kitchenware to a complete revamp of theme and style. Of course, for those who simply do not have the energy to make drastic changes and are looking for simpler, popular trends that alter the vibe of the kitchen, a gallery wall is the perfect alternative. The smart gallery wall can be added pretty much anywhere and it does not pull too hard on your purse strings as well. From small and stylish kitchens with gallery walls to those that feel spacious and inviting, this is a look at the best ideas from across the world.

Use family photographs to create that stunning gallery wall in the kitchen

A gallery wall for the kitchen often takes a backseat to those in the living room, entry space or even the bedroom. But considering the amount of time the family spends in the kitchen and the idea of ‘social kitchen’ becoming the norm, it makes sense to give this area a stylistic upgrade as well. The gallery wall can be crafted in many different ways and the inspirations below will get you started in the right direction. Enjoy!

Pick Your Style and Theme

The best way to go about creating a beautiful gallery wall is by choosing the theme and style clearly. This gives you a direction and makes your purchase of wall art pieces even easier. The style of the kitchen is a good starting point and even if you want to mix styles with your gallery wall, keeping one component of the collection constant helps bring the drastically different pieces together with ease. Black and white framed photographs and prints are a great choice in the minimal and contemporary kitchens while art work with shades of blue make an impact in the coastal and beach style spaces.

Finding a common theme for your wall art pieces in the kitchen
Framed sketches add beauty to the transitional kitchen without altering color scheme
Gorgeous transitional kitchen with a gallery wall that adds color and class [From: Cabinet Designers]
Perfect gallery wall for the polished contemporary kitchen
Space above the countertop is filled with lovely framed wall art additions [From: Bob Grill General Contractor]
Spacious and white kitchen with a beautiful gallery wall
Beautiful and smart gallery wall for the light-filled Scandinavian kitchen [From: Roundhouse]
Farmhouse kitchen with a curated gallery wall

For the Larger Setting

The gallery wall need not always be placed in the kitchen to make it a part of the overall visual. With open plan living becoming the norm, placing the gallery wall next to the kitchen is a choice for those who wish to create a larger, more curated space. Create a gallery wall behind the dining table and allow it to become a part of the kitchen with ease. Be it in the hallway next to the kitchen or in the dining space that flows into the large kitchen and living area on either sides, the gallery wall in an open setting adds charm to the entire setting.

Gallery walls welcome you into this spacious traditional kitchen [From: TOLA architecture]
Midcentury modern kitchen in blue and yellow with gallery wall next to it
Shabby chic style kitchen with eclectic gallery wall in the corner [From: Unique Home Stays]
Striking black and white framed pieces for the sophisticated contemporary kitchen
White and gray kitchen with skylight and a smart gallery wall [From: Anna Stathaki Photography]
Combining the kitchen and dining space gives you greater space to create a smart gallery wall [From: Twelve Chairs]
Dashing contemporary kitchen with fun art work that steals the spotlight
Framed botanicals are a trendy choice in the contemporary kitchen [From: Ebstone]

Small Kitchens with Gallery Walls

In the small kitchen, the gallery wall makes an even bigger impact visually. Here you do not need a large number of wall art pieces to shape the backdrop. Just three or four additions will do and if you want to dial up the ‘trendy’ factor, then we suggest you add botanical prints that are currently popular among designers and homeowners alike. Finding enough wall space in the small kitchen might be an issue at times and hence make use of the vertical space on offer.

Space above the banquette breakfast nook used to add gallery wall to the kitchen [From: Hoodridge Design]
Tropical style kitchen in white with decor additions and wall art [From: Seacoast Cottage Company]
Unique gallery wall for industrial kitchen with exposed brick walls and island in green [From: Joseph John]
Using the blank wall in the kitchen to create a cool focal point [From: The Room Studio]
White farmhouse kitchen with wooden countertops and a simple gallery wall addition [From: Folkway Design & Wares]
Industrial kitchen with unique gallery wall that feels casual and organic [From: Ali Attenborough / Katya De Grunwald Photography]
Make sure the gallery wall is a visual part of the kitchen
Small contempoary kitchen with gray accent wall that also holds a minimal gallery wall [From: YU+ME Design]

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