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25 Kitchens Connected with the Backyard: Space-Savvy Trend that is Here to Stay!

Kitchens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and each home brings along with it something unique when it comes to kitchen design. But increasingly modern kitchens are becoming much more than just spaces to prepare and serve food. With the open living plan that is connected with the kitchen and dining starting to become the norm, the kitchen is now a place where friends and family meet, greet and share at the start and end of each day. That is being further extended into a social zone that can accommodate more than a few as it welcomes the outdoors inside! That is right; we are talking about the kitchen that is connected with the backyard, patio or deck outside.

Exquisite kitchen of extended Chivalry Road Residence in South West London

The kitchen that is connected with the backyard or garden is no longer a surprise addition. In fact, rear extensions and additions to aging and classic homes are making them more popular than ever. Some tend to embrace the theme of the living room next to them while others have an aura and appeal of their own. No matter what your style and theme choice, the perfect kitchen entwined with the world outside is one that blends form with function. Check out these top 25 ideas before you settle on a design –

New Trend: The Perfect Family Zone

As we talked about earlier, the social kitchen that is connected with the backyard, pool deck or other outdoor spaces is all too easy to create. The main idea here is to create visual connectivity between the kitchen inside and the deck outside using some common element that can come in the form of color, texture or finishing material. If this is not a style that you prefer, then try out the opposite approach and change the material to fashion a clear boundary between the kitchen and dining area inside and the deck outside. Usually it is wood that is used for the outdoor deck while the kitchen floor is made out of sturdier material.

Fabulous indoor-outdoor interplay revamps this Aussie home
Folding glass doors are the perfect way to connect the kitchen with the deck outside
Modern home in rocky mountains has a kitchen that is open on all sides!
Polished and industrial kitchen in black is a showstopper
Timber screens brings filtered sunlight into the kitchen
View of the garden from the kitchen of converted London home
Awesome kitchen of Glass Villa on a Lake Brings the outdoors inside
Beach house where kitchen, living room and dining area are rolled into one

Working with Limited Space

In case of the small kitchen, opening it to the world outside does much more than just add another dimension to the setting. The garden or the deck brings plenty of greenery to the small kitchen while giving it a much larger visual appeal. Add to this the additional flood of natural light that gives the small kitchen a cheerful makeover and you will realize how a simple change in the floor plan can give the old kitchen a brand new look. Be it the corner kitchen at the end of the open plan, or one just next to the deck that features foldable glass doors; the benefits of combining the two worlds are many.

Kitchen in the corner with pastel hues uses large window for connectivity with the outdoors
Kitchen of Brick & Gable House in Melbourne with an atrium
Line between the interior and the outdoors is blurred at this Brazilian home
Open plan living area of the Bangkok home where nature outside takes center-stage
Small dining area next to the kitchen leads way into the private deck outside
Allowing your kitchen to bathe in natural light makes for a healthier lifestyle
Fun way to connect the small kitchen with the world outside

Modern Kitchens with Ample Light

Wondering how you can open up your existing kitchen to the world outside? Those stuck in an urban setting without the benefit of an expansive deck or garden can use the long window above the kitchen counter to bring in light and freshness. In the more spacious homes with the kitchen in the rear, sliding glass doors, foldable doors and a series of glass windows do the trick. A small dining area, a cozy window seat or even a couch in the corner can complete your dream kitchen with ease.

Dining area is the most common feature that links modern kitchens with the backyard
Landscape outside brings ample natural light into the kitchen with stunning stone island
Open design style kitchen with concrete walls all around
Recessed kitchen is still connected to the backyard thanks to the sliding glass doors
Sliding glass walls with wooden frame separate the kitchen from the garden outside
Spacious kitchen with wooden cabinets, white island and connectivity with the outdoors
Woodsy kitchen and dining that overlooks the scenery outside
Connecting the living room with the landscape using the kitchen as interface
Dining area and kitchen of the Tel Aviv home connected with the fields outside

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