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Hottest Kitchen Styles for 2021: Welcome New Year with Organic Features and Smart Storage

New Year is all about fresh starts. And with a year like 2020, we are all looking for a brand new start that leads to healthier, happier and a much less restrictive lifestyle. Our homes play a huge role in providing this safe and cheerful environment while encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle. And at the heart of every such gorgeous, functional home is a great kitchen – one that drives it on and also serves as the perfect social space. Kitchens have changed dramatically in the last two decades and are now an extension of the living area and open kitchen that sits next to them. So what does 2021 have in store for us in terms of kitchen trends?

There is absolutely no shortage of greenery inside this contemporary kitchen [From: Waypoint Living Spaces]

Design and decorating trends are often just an extension of the hottest trends of the previous year. As we head into second half of the year, a few new trends generally start to emerge replacing the old ones. This is even more significant as the second half of 2020 saw the world take a dramatically different turn when it comes to lifestyle. Kitchens of 2021 will reflect some of these altered ideas even while embracing the general decorating direction that has been around for a few years now. Away from those bold colors and embracing a more organic vibe, kitchens in the new year paint a picture of relaxation.

Organic and Comfortable

We have seen an influx of bold and bright colors into the kitchen in the last few years. But 2021 is projected to move away from that idea in the kitchen with organic finishes and soothing neutral hues making the biggest impact. Shades of gray, pastel colors and different white hues will once again dominate the kitchen color spectrum with pleasant yellows and smart blues providing the necessary contrast. Do watch out for green to act as the surprise element as homeowners look for that ‘something different’!

Pendants with a natural, organic finish elevate the beach style of this kitchen
Spectacular views await at this modern organic kitchen in San Francisco that embraces greenery
Modern white and gray kitchen with a brilliant wood breakfast bar and stools [From: Reed Design Group]

Place Emphasis on Storage

As is the case with most modern kitchens, space is the most precious commodity in here and making the most of every square inch on offer is something that you just cannot ignore. Smart shelves and modular solutions have been around for a while now. But 2020 has turned almost everyone in a chef and people also have started to realize the value of a generous pantry. Buying more once rather than shopping often for groceries and food items has seen a distinct change in the way we look at storage space in the kitchen. And this influence is only set to grow in the year ahead!

Mix of open shelves and closed cabinets for the small modern kitchen
Try out the pegboard wall in the kitchen for a more vibrant and flexible storage solution
Elegant and modern pantry with cabinets and smart shelving
Find some extra space for a new pantry in the kitchen [From: Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home]

Welcome in the Outdoors

Whether you are a design aficionado or not, it will come as no surprise to you that the outdoors is becoming a more and more prominent part of the interior with each passing season. This is no different in case of the kitchen with most modern kitchens extending into the deck outside. Even if you do not have a garden, deck or balcony just outside the kitchen, use a smart window to usher in the view. Indoor plants or herb gardens add another additional touch of green to the kitchen – something that is much needed in an urban setup.

Make the outdoors a part of the light-filled modern kitchen
Find space for greenery inside your small eclectic kitchen with smart shelving [From: Studio Sven]
Get creative as you plan to bring the outdoors into the kitchen using a skylight
It is hard to match this kitchen in terms of sheer green goodness

Stone Finishes and Large Central Islands

Stone has really been making big waves in kitchens over the last couple of seasons and that is set to continue in the year ahead. Everything from the stone kitchen backsplash and countertops to the captivating, large central island in stone is a welcome addition in the modern kitchen. Be it those dark quartz countertops or even regal islands draped in white marble, a bit of stone in the kitchen makes a big impact indeed.

Modern beach style kitchen in slate and wood feels elegant and uncomplicated [From: Kohler]
Stone island tops and backsplashes are perfect for the traditional kitchen as well [From: SPACE Architects + Planners]
Stunning stone island and backsplash steal the show in this contemporary kitchen [From: DSDG Architects]
Do not shy away from marble countertops in the kitchen as you head into the new year

Stylish and Eye-Catching Hoods

There was a decade when hidden ventilation was embraced in kitchens across the world gleefully. The ornate or striking vent hood was seen as a thing of the past; one that belonged in the 80’s and early 90’s. But that has once again changed in the last two years with a global pandemic speeding up the popularity of the kitchen hood. Homeowners now want a smart hood above that vent that serves them well both from a functional and aesthetic viewpoint. Elegant designs in metal and stone with a simple square shape are the most sought-after ones at the moment because of their contemporary appeal. But you can opt for a kitchen hood that is a lot more ornate in Mediterranean or farmhouse style spaces.

Fabulous hood in this kitchen blends in with the backdrop [From: Signature Interior Designs]
Hood with dark copper finish is a rare find indeed! [From: Texas Lightsmith]
Wooden hood adds that something different to the white kitchen

Sherry Nothingam

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