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Top Kitchen Trends for 2020: 30 Inspirations to Get Your Kitchen Makeover Started

With the New Year here, it is time to start thinking about smart makeovers that give your home a gorgeous makeover. Beyond giving the interior a fresh makeover, it also gives you an opportunity to try out the latest trends and ideas. One space of the house that most homeowners first gravitate towards when it comes to makeovers and renovations is the kitchen. With an open floor plan and smart breakfast bars, the kitchen is becoming even more important in contemporary and is the social hub that brings everyone in the family together. From the aesthetic to the ergonomic, this is a look at the 30 most gorgeous kitchen trends to kick-start 2020!

Fabulous beach syle kitchen balances blue and white beautifully
Fabulous beach style kitchen balances blue and white beautifully

Whether you wish to change the color scheme of the room, alter its style, add pattern or give it a polished new look that is perfect for the next 12 months, the top kitchen trends for the first few months of the year, bring with them pretty much everything you can ask for. Stylish, understated and yet eye-catching when they need to be, this is a kitchen trends collection that you just cannot give a miss!

Enjoy the Blues Once More

One color that simply never goes out of trend in the kitchen is blue. It is because the color is so very versatile and adapts to a wide range of styles. The many shades of blue give you a wide range of choices and combining efficiently with neutrals like white and gray, there is no shortage of flexibility in here. Even Pantone’s Color of the Year Classic Blue, points towards the popularity of the color and in the kitchen everything from newly painted cabinets to pendants can be used to add the hue with ease. Combine blue with styles like beach, coastal and modern-farmhouse for an even more ‘cool’ kitchen.

Bluish gray is a color that feels both bright and relaxing in the kitchen
Brick coupled with blue in the relaxed rustic-beach style kitchen
Chevron-pattern backsplash in light blue along with blue kitchen island for the modern home
Blue and white coupled with copper accents to create a brilliant kitchen
Blue subway tiles feel elegant and timeless in the light-filled modern kitchen

Throw in Some Geometric Contrast

Be it the backsplash, the kitchen island or cabinet doors, adding a hint of geometric contrast to the modern kitchen is a smart idea. Gone or the days of the polished monotonous kitchen where every surface seems the same. Tiles with 3D pattern that bring the walls alive are a popular idea right now and you can venture beyond this with tiles that combine both color and contrast. Curved kitchen shelves and islands also make a statement in an open plan living area with clean, straight lines.

Floor tiles usher in geometric contrast into the kitchen dominated by white and wood
It is the hexagonal tile that is the most popular choice when it comes to adding geo pattern to the kitchen
Multi-colored and bright tiled backsplash in the modern kitchen steals the show
Multi-colored and bright tiled backsplash in the modern kitchen steals the show
Adding different patterns to the kitchen using custom floor tiles
Beautiful gray hexagonal tiles for the custom kitchen backsplash

Stone and Marble Backsplashes

If you are looking for the coolest kitchen backsplash for the year ahead, then going down the stone route is a safe option. The stone backsplash is easy to clean and maintain and adding a new backsplash with pattern is all too easy. Marble brings along with it a sense of sophistication and turns even the most mundane space into one that feels polished even as rest of the kitchen remains unchanged.

Stone wall backdrop for the kitchen gives it a modern-rustic appeal
Stunning stone kitchen island with a fireplace is sizzling hot and eye-catching [From: Gitani Stone]
Rustic kitchen covered entirely in stone with lighting that adds to the ambiance [From: Weaver Custom Homes]
Stone concrete and wood combined in the kitchen to offer ample textural contrast [From: Ancient Surfaces]

White and Wood

When it comes to the most popular color schemes in the kitchen, it is wood and white that tops the charts and has been doing so for a while now. Much like the use of blue in the kitchen, white and wood is a color palette that is flexible and can be used with ease even in the open plan living space. In the modern white kitchen, it is easy to add a few wooden accents without much hassle. This also adds textural and visual contrast without bringing in other bright hues.

Just a hint of wood for the space-savvy small kitchen in white
Small single-wall kitchen of the house in white and wood is a showstopper
Spacious modern farmhouse style kitchen in white and wood
Bit of rustic and farmhouse charm rolled into one in the kitchen
Custom wooden island for the kitchen in white
Finding the right balance between white and wood in the light-filled modern kitchen

Window Frames Make a Statement

One way to delineate spaces and to give the interior a more vibrant vibe is to use window frames that are a touch different from the usual. In the white and wood kitchen, window frames in black are a smart option while a dashing and dark window frame accentuates the industrial style of the kitchen even while keeping rest of the room modern. Try out a different window frame hue this season for a brighter, more eye-catching kitchen.

Window frames bring a splash of red to the kitchen [From: Elizabeth Hill/Selby House]
Wooden window frame and trims bring warmth to the kitchen in white [From: Davis Frame Company]
Antique cabinets in wood coupled with blue window frame in the rustic kitchen [From: Key Residential]
Blue accents for the modern beach style kitchen in white [From: BC&J Architecture]

Lighting with LED Brilliance

LED lighting has been transforming kitchens for a while now and this is trend that is set to continue in 2020 as well. LED strip lighting can illuminate the darkest of corners in the kitchen and you can create a bright backdrop while accentuating the features you wish to highlight. LED strip lights can also create the illusion of a floating kitchen island or cabinets while strip lights under open shelves can provide functional lighting for the countertops.

LED strip lighting for the modern kitchen in wood and white [From: Roundhouse]
Strip LED lights bring understated class to the kitchen in white
Blue strip LED lighting gives the island a levitating visual appeal [From: Mal Corboy Design]
Fabulous LED strip lighting underneath the shelves also serves a functional task

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