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Renovated with Global Charm: Contemporary Apartment in Bologna in Shades of Gray

A gorgeous contemporary apartment makeover that relies on an open plan living area and a neural color scheme, the Hemingway Martini Apartment designed by Ciclostile Architettura + Edoardo Morelli, feels sophisticated and inviting at the same time. Nestled in a buy neighborhood of Bologna, the apartment was revamped to meet the needs of a young couple with a little one. A large wooden balcony and deck next to the living space usher in plenty of natural light and ensure that the interior feels a whole lot bigger than it really is. It is the artwork inside the apartment that feels even more prominent thanks to the neutral backdrop while a dashing black cabinet unit shapes the kitchen area.

Open plan living area in shades of gray along with black accents

Apart from the backdrop, the most striking feature of the apartment is the collection of black décor that makes a contemporary statement. The black furniture collection also seems to anchor an otherwise whimsical space where the cement-colored resin floor adds textural contrast. Custom lighting fixtures elevate the ambiance indoors even as the walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom and spacious guest room complete a makeover that is one-of-a-kind! [Photography: Fabio Mantovani]

Home library with wall shelves all around that offer plenty of storage space
Innovative closet for the bedroom
Metallic backdrop in black for the kitchen in neutral hues
Spacious open plan living room of the Italian apartment
Walk-in closet with lovely lighting for the bedroom apartment
White, shades of gray and black combined to create a fabulous contemporary living room
Wonderful use of black shapes the kitchen cabinets

The wall and ceiling colors take on slightly different shades of the floorings. In the living area, which includes the kitchen, the living room and the dining room in a single large room, there is a containment element made with a structure inspired by the elements of the stagecraft and covered with panels of black perforated metal that acts as a background to an island in stainless steel with fires…

Wooden deck outside the kitchen and the living area of the Italian apartment
Balcony outside the kitchen brings ample natural light
Contemporary bathroom in gray with lighting that is even and elegant
Floor plan of contemporary Hemingway Martini Apartment in Italy with revamped interior

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