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Kitchen Design Trends that are Hot Right Now: 50 Ideas and More!

We are always on the lookout for new trends that help redefine our homes and give them a seasonal upgrade that ushers in freshness. And one room of the house that demands the most attention in this regard is the kitchen. It is a space that requires the perfect balance between form and functionality. Sure, the basics of your kitchen and its overall design remain more or less constant across seasons. But it is the ‘skin’ that needs to change, even if ever so slightly, to give it a fresh new appeal once in a while. With summer starting to give way to fall, now is the time to take a look at the top kitchen design trends for second half of the year.

Beach style kitchen combines color with class [From: Earp Bros – Surface Evolution]

Some kitchen trends tend to fade away with time while others become defining features of a decade or a generation. In the second half of 2018, there are a few kitchen decorating ideas that feel like an extension of the past while others take an innovative new path. It is a combination of the evolutionary and revolutionary trends currently out there. And depending on your budget, style choices and desire for a smart kitchen makeover, you can choose from these exquisite and hip ideas. Read on to find out more!

Still Time to Try Gray

If you are a design aficionado, then it is hard to believe that you have not already experimented with some shade of gray already in your house. Of course, for those with color commitment issues and homeowners who have not yet tried gray in the kitchen, the second half of 2018 is a wonderful time to get started. You can get your feet wet with an accent gray wall or just a few cabinets in gray before you commit to the color on a larger scale. Since the months ahead are bound to be a touch chilly, lighter hues of gray and bluish-gray work best in most kitchens.

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Charcoal gray kitchen is a modern showstopper
Combining light and dark shades of gray in the kitchen efficiently
Dashing wooden cabinets bring textural contrast to this setting
Fabulous contemporary kitchen in white and gray
Lighter hues of gray for the cabinets make the kitchen pleasant even during dark winter months
Lovely kitchen in white and gray with pops of green
Smart blend of gray, blue, white and black in the kitchen
Smart kitchen combines lovely pendant lights with a gorgeous gray backdrop
Sophisticated use of gray in the kitchen
Bright use of gray in the small modern kitchen

Open Plan Living with Kitchens

Again, a trend that is nothing revolutionary, integrating the kitchen with an open plan living space is something that will only continue for the seasons and years ahead. If you are still stuck in the past with a kitchen that is completely separated from the living area, use a small window or even remove an internal wall or two t cut down on the separation. You can use various other ways to demarcate the kitchen like an elevated floor, ceiling that is different from the rest of the living space or even just a slightly different color scheme. But it is undoubtedly time for those unnecessary walls to go away!

Following the living room visual gives the space a curated look
Goregous blue sofa at the front and the kitchen at the back with colorful tiles paint a picture of modernity
Kitchen, dining are and living room of lakeside home draped in wood
Light-filled and exquisite kitchen takes the center-stage here
Minimal kitchen sits at the end of a polished living area
Relaxing style of this spacious kitchen feels like an extension of the living room
Spacious, double-height living area with kitchen at one of its ends
Wooden cabinets can give the kitchen in corner its own unique style
Blue tiled backsplash give the kitchen an identity of its own here
Corner kitchen embraces the color scheme and style of the living area

Light, Light and More Light

The most important feature of your kitchen is undoubtedly lighting and with social kitchens on the up, lighting is even more important now. The last few years have seen homeowners wanting kitchens that are flooded with natural light during daytime. This has been achieved by connecting the kitchen visually with the backyard or the patio using large, sliding glass doors. If you do not have this option, then reinvent the lighting indoors with a careful blend of ambient and task lighting. Remember that a couple of striking pendants above the kitchen island can make a big difference to the overall look.

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Glass walls and the wooden deck outside give this kitchen an open vibe
Glass walls and windows bring ample light into the kitchen
Kitchen and dining room of the London home extension
Kitchen connected with the backyard and deck
Line between this open plan living with kitchen and the garden are blurred!
Pendants above the kitchen island blend in with its classic vibe
Smart use of skylights to illuminate the kitchen
Combine innovative lighting along with natural light inside the kitchen
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring greenery into this kitchen
Glass door next to the kitchen brings living into this dark gray kitchen

Open Shelves that Steal the Spotlight

Yes, kitchen cabinets have been around forever and they are the staple that we all turn to for storage space in the kitchen. But open shelves are once again back with a bang and if you do not have any shelves in the kitchen to create a cool display, then it is high time you get started in this direction. Polished and colorful floating shelves look great in contemporary, modern and transitional kitchens while wood and metal floating shelves are showstoppers in industrial, farmhouse and rustic kitchens. Time to alter the kitchen dynamic…

Compact and creative kitchen design has it all!
Decorating the open wooden shelves in your kitchen
Finding and creating space for the open shelf in your kitchen
Going down the classic and ornate path for the open shelves in the kitchen
Illuminated glass shelves for the kitchen
Live-edge kitchen shelves add uniqueness to the backdrop
Perfect use of open shelve sin the modern farmhouse kitchen
Single open shelf above the kitchen counter along with a small stainless steel island
Beautiful LED lighting adds to the beauty of the rustic wooden shelves
Clever open shelves make wonderful use of corner space in this kitchen

Cabinets with Colorful Personality

Yes, gray is a color you should definitely try out in the kitchen this fall. But that does not mean you have to go down a completely colorless route. Kitchen cabinets in bright and bold colors are a hit these days and every hue from bright orange to majestic purple is game! Of course, you might want to balance this splattering of brightness with a backdrop that is as clutter-free and neutral as possible. A matching kitchen island and the accent color repeated carefully throughout the open plan living can create a curated and eye-catching interior.

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Dark blue cabinets for the farmhouse style kitchen [From: Chris Snook]
Dark green kitchen cabinets for the transitional interior [From: Fontana Art & Design]
Exceptional use of red in the beach style kitchen [From: Michaelson Homes]
Mellow yellow traditional kitchen idea
Modern industrial kitchen with bold red cabinets
Orange enlivens the modern kitchen with ease
Stunning contemporary kitchen with bright yellow cabinets
Transitional kitchen in white with bold blue cabinets
White contemporary kitchen with spunky orange cabinets

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