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Wow Factor: Playful Kiev Apartment with Giant Slide and Green Wall

How to make an apartment a whole lot of fun even while adding a functional element that leaves everyone enthralled? There might be quite a few ways to do this, but KI Design Studio decided to go down a slippery route that is both playful and exceptional by adding a giant slide to this two-floor apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The long slide sits right next to an existing and reworked contemporary staircase, and it does seem like a perfect way to start the day as you ‘slide away’ all your early morning blues.

Stylish apartment with slide in in Kharkov, Ukraine

The upper level of the house was largely left unused before the current owners decided to make the most of the second-level space. It now contains the master suite, along with a guest room and a fabulous home office that offers a view of the lower level and the other striking feature of the apartment – a gorgeous green wall. Thanks to large windows, an array of cleverly placed skylights in the bedroom, and the dining space and elegant artificial lighting, the revitalized interior has a refreshing, cheerful and inviting ambiance.

An ergonomic modern kitchen with a hexagonal tile backsplash and wooden shelves, a spacious living area and a simple dining space along with the kids’ bedrooms sit on the lower level. Filled with plenty of textural and geometric beauty at every turn, the vivacious apartments does all it can to veer away from the mundane, even as it embraces exquisite décor and pops of bright color.

White brick wall adds contrats to the living room visual along with the rich wooden surfaces

Slide from the top level leads to the window bench on the lower floor

View of lower level kitchen and dining area from the top floor

Cascading lighting is perfect next to the staircase and slide

Green wall and slide shape a stunning and fun apartment in Ukraine

Living area of apartment in Ukraine with a slide

Plant-covered green wall next to the slide makes the interior even more unique

Kitchen and dining area of the playful apartment in Ukraine with ample natural light

Kitchen with Hexagonal tiled backsplash and wooden shelves

We have enough activities and problems away from home, at home we rest,” said the clients. “We didn’t want the apartment’s design to become dull or boring in a year or so. We wanted [our home] to contain some special catchy and wow-factor elements which we could admire for a couple of months, and then we would hear wows from our guests

Brick fireplace with stacked wood next to it

Fabulous wooden cutout blocks shape a lovely backdrop for the reading nook

Oak planks with cross-shaped cut-outs for the window seat

Simple and beautiful staircase leading to the top level

Skylights bring in light into the bedroom on the top level with brick walls

Gorgeous bedroom in white and blue with a brick accent wall

Home office on the top floor of the apartment with slide

Home office keeps away noise and offers ample privacy

Creative bathroom design with green wall feature and hexagonal shelves

Dark hexagonal tiles for the creative contemporary bathroom

Live edge bathroom vanity design is a popular trend

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