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Rethinking Design: Inventive Lighthouse Offers Space-Savvy Sustainability

Ever wondered why most of the homes that we live in look more or less the same when it comes to geometry and basic shape? Yes, there are sound structural reasons for picking the square and rectangle, but we do tend to imagine a world where our homes were far more liberated – in terms of their design; maybe a world like the one portrayed in sci-fi futuristic movies where it is not just simple rectangles and straight lines all around! Rethinking design and giving the mundane a brilliant jolt of innovation is the gorgeous Lighthouse designed by Knowhow Shop. A modular and custom-designed office space that is currently sitting LA, this modular, sustainable and quirky little structure on wheels can be moved to any location with ease.

Iconic door design of the Lighthouse with its trapezium shape

Design of this seemingly odd micro-building was carried out keeping in mind its exact purpose even while maximizing the available space. The most striking feature of the Lighthouse greets you at its very beginning with a trapezium-shaped door that swivels open. On the inside it is the lighthouse that literally grabs your attention with a design that is a culmination of car sunroof details, a bit of Hollywood magic and structural insulated panels. It fills the interior with ample light even as the woodsy charm of Lighthouse wins you over with ease.

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Walls of the Lighthouse move away from rectangles and squares to offer new spatial solutions
Custom skylight designed to give the interior a flood of natural light
Gorgeous and open wooden shelves inside the Lighthouse
Space-savvy and stylish design of the tiny Lighthouse
Stunning and innovative small sustainable design structure that beats mundane homes!

The irregular polygon theme continues with the bookshelf, a window above the workstation and the walls themselves that feel fun and yet create a cozy ambiance. You are pleasantly surprised by the amount of space inside as this sustainable building has minimal carbon footprint and leaves any lot it sits on literally untouched. A perfect template for future tiny, cost-effect, green homes! [Photography: Stephen Schauer, Marisa Vitale, Nephew LA]

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Small, modular structure on wheels can be moved anywhere with ease
Small scale sustainable design structure built to re-imagine homes and offices
Making of the prefab Lighthouse
Look at the knowhow workshop where Lighthouse was crafted
Design plan of Lighthouse from Knowhow Shop

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