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Japanese Garden Hidden Behind Latticed Wooden Doors: A Zen Experience

There are times when we long for a holiday that takes us away from our constant rush and transports us into an entirely different world. On other occasions, it is an all-season vacation home in a rustic environment that does the trick. But for those who cannot move away from their ‘regular life’ all that often, a getaway in the backyard is the best way to rest and rejuvenate. Embracing this idea and giving I a more vernacular twist is the Tsubo-Niwa Extension designed by Kenzo Makino & Associates in Kyoto, Japan. A zen-styled Japanese garden at the front is the place to de-stress and enjoy a tranquil evening at this contemporary home!

Sliding wooden lattice walls conceal the beautiful Japanese garden in Kyoto

It is the space in front of the house that could have been used as car parking area that has been turned into a fabulous Japanese garden. The space is elegant, minimal and embraces all the naïve elements of a classic Japanese garden. Concealed behind a series of sliding wooden lattice doors, the garden feels private and well-connected with the landscape around it simultaneously. With custom metallic eaves placed above the wooden doors and walls hat keep away rainwater, functionality is seamlessly combined with form in here.

Gorgeous Japanese garden surrounded by wooden lattice walls welcomes you at this Japanese home
Street view of the new Japanese garden added o Tsubo-Niwa Extension in Kyoto, Japan
View of the new Japanese garden at the front from above
Zen-styled traditional Japanese garden is a great place to rest and relax

A smaller space next to the garden has been designed to hold utility items, serve as a parking space for bicycles and to function as an outdoor mudroom. Ingenious, space-savvy and tranquil, the garden offers the perfect escape in a crowded urban environment. [Photography: Toshiyuki Yano]

Custom wooden shutters create a contemporary Japanese garden at the front end of this Japanese home
Galvanized steel eaves around the wooden shutters look like a lovely little roof from the distance
Design plan of Tsubo-Niwa Extension by Kenzo Makino & Associates in Kyoto, Japan

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