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An Inviting Office Environment: Innovative Meamea Headquarters in France

Who says office ambiance is sterile, boring and far too impersonal! Contemporary offices have taken an entirely new direction with many of them combining fun, color, recreation and relaxation with work and creative inspiration. It is a combination that has been globally made famous by the likes of Google and Facebook, who boats of truly impressive and unique headquarters. Following those giant footsteps in their own unique way are Meamea – a firm that specializes in acoustic vegetal panels made from preserved Scandinavian lichen and moss. And their new head office Castries, France is definitely as unique as what the firm delivers!

Siege Social De Meamea in France

Designed by Brengues Le Pavec Architects, Siege Social De Meamea brings a home-like environment to the office setting with a kitchen, living area and dining that open up towards the deck outside. Next to this is the open, modern-industrial office area that is also laced with inherent Scandinavian minimalism. The combination of variety of styles is truly captivating with the entire area feeling like one large and engaging workspace. Smart lighting coupled with whimsical partitions that delineate space without creating visual obstacles complete an exquisite and exclusive interior. [Photography: RB photographies]

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Fabulous and creative additions delineate space in style
Industrial interior of modern office in France
Innovative partitions bring whimsical charm to the office
Living, kitchen and dining create a more comfortable work environment
Scandinavian style meeting spaces with an industrial touch
Spacious and open interior of the Meamea Office
Multiple textures add contrast to the contemporary interior

The walls of these spaces are tinted in the green color of the company symbol. During the night the color is accentuated by light effects. Since the beginning, meamea has paid a particular attention to a well-being atmosphere at work. Employees spend time at work so they must feel good there. It’s a trendy way of thinking in most of the big companies and some of old start-up.

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Lighting adds warmth and elegance to the interior
Neutral color scheme of the interior
Lighting highlights the green entrance of the office
Sliding glass doors in the corner open the interior to the wooden deck
Gray and green exterior of Siege Social De Meamea
Wooden walkway leading to the entrance of the industrial office and production house
Floor plan of Siege Social De Meamea

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