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Tranquility Wrapped in Luxury: 25 Trendy Outdoor Décor Finds

With summer here, our focus shifts from life indoors to those dreamy evenings and fun weekends under the sun. This is the time of the year when the pool deck sees more traffic than the living room and your outdoor décor once again plays host to friends and family. Be it a simple gathering of family members after a long, hard day or a fun-filled party to which everyone from the neighborhood inevitably gravitates, having the right décor makes a big difference. Gone are the days when outdoor furniture was a shabby collection of items that you no longer use in your own living room!

Luxury combined with relaxing ambiance – Outdoor decor from Roberti

Modern outdoor décor is as comfortable as furniture used indoors, equally stylish, diverse in styles and is definitely a lot more durable than ever before. From brilliant recliners, daybeds and chaise lounges that help you get the right tan to dining tables, chairs and side tables, there is absolutely no shortage of options here. Today, we delve into 25 latest outdoor furniture finds from 8 different global brands that epitomize luxury, design innovation and chic panache –

Artistic Brilliance from Kenneth Cobonpue

Weaving together stunning outdoor décor pieces with a natural texture and artistic brilliance, the latest lineup of furniture from Kenneth Cobonpue forces you to stand up and take notice. We absolutely love the iconic Peacock lounge chair that appears as majestic indoors as it does on the deck, patio or your apartment balcony. Inspired by the traditional wicker chair and the colorful vitality of a peacock, these lung chairs are absolute showstoppers. And so is the Babar modular piece that is part desk, part study and also seems to bring ample storage space. Another addition that is perfect for the tranquil rooftop corner!

Peacock chairs from Kenneth Cobonpue inspired by traditional wicker chairs
Russell outdoor funiture from Kenneth Cobonpue
Babar cabinet and workstation crafted with unique weaving pattern

Natural Rattan Delights from Roberti

The company founded by Renato Roberti in 1959 is still one of the leading makers of luxury of outdoor furniture in wicker, rattan and everything else natural! That continues in 2017 as well with Roberti with the Gravity swing-sofa that sits at the heart of its new, luxurious and trendy outdoor collection. If Gravity is a bit too whimsical for your choice and you prefer something more grounded, then the Key West Collection of chic and colorful sofas, chairs and outdoor furniture should be perfect for your pool deck.

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Gravity swing-sofa allows you to relax in style
Snazzy and chic outdoor decor from Roberti
Colorful and contemporary Key West outdoor sofa

Woodsy Charm of Barlow Tyrie

Looking for some high-end teak outdoor furniture finds? You would be hard-pressed to find a collection more modern, elegant and sturdy than the one on offer at Barlow Tyrie. Perfecting the art of crafting outdoor furniture using teak for nearly 100 years, this si the perfect option for those who love warmth of wood coupled with plenty of comfort.

Latest collection of outdoor decor from BarlowTyrie
Stylish contemporary outdoor decor with a touch of teak from BarlowTyrie

Fermob: Fall in Love with Color!

Color, contemporary silhouette and a touch of eccentricity – the wide range of outdoor furniture Fermob is all about celebrating modernity wrapped in plenty of brightness. The Balad Collection of outdoor lamps is undoubtedly one of our favorites while the Bistro Series of chairs turn your patio into a cool and relaxing hangout with a hint of French flavor. The Bellevie table is another versatile piece that accommodates 8 to 10 people with ease as you plan for that space-savvy and stylish outdoor retreat.

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Innovative and colorful outdoor decor from Fermob – Best of 2017
Exquisite and colorful outdoor decor from Fermob

Urbane Delights from Serralunga

Every soul has a place of calm. I imagine spaces in which my objects give a sense of peace and beauty in a natural environment. This is the dream that guides my daily work: a fluid boundary between indoors and outdoors where the outside becomes intimate and the inside bright and sunny, mixing things up to create the unexpected. Emotionally…

Marco Serralunga

Serralunga outdoor patio furniture combines comfort with class
Time Out Reclining Chaise Lounge from Serralunga
Green Pills vertical planter system from Serralunga
Mojo Outdoor Seating from Garth Roberts

Modern relaxation: Scab Design & Sika-Design

Sika-Design epitomizes the breezy beauty of Danish design along with simplicity and hand-crafted elegance. Natural materials along with synthetic rattan play a big role in here with each outdoor furniture piece being carefully crafted to suit your particular taste. Scab on the other hand offers everything ranging from comfy sunbeds to cool planters with a far more polished and contemporary finish. Two contrasting options that are equally classy!

Series of bright and versatile outdoor furniture from Scab Design
Tiny outdoor space come alive with comfy furniture from Scab Design
Designer sunbed Tahiti from Scab Design

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Latest outdoor decor collection from Sika Design
Natural garden furniture collection from Sika Design
Comfy cushioned chairs offer all-weather outdoor decor option

Tradition laced with Innovation

Talenti claim “Tradition, creativity and innovative spirit are the lifeblood of the Talenti team. Extensive market research and the use of advanced technological tools, sometimes unique, because we have invented and developed, make it powerful and flexible production of Talents.” These are qualities that one easily finds in their Eden Collection Daybed, which ushers in a touch of tropical charm while completing your summer staycation.

Slim outdoor table and colorful chairs from Talenti
Swinging with comfort – Stylish outdoor furniture from Talenti
Comfy outddor decor collection from Talenti
Eden Collection daybed and sofa from Talenti

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