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Kingswood Factory: Industrial Heritage Repackaged with Modern Flair!

Old warehouses across the world are acquiring a new lease on life as modern homes in recent times, with homeowners and architects keen on making a bold and creative design statement with these audacious transformations. Nestled in the port town of Lyttelton, New Zealand, the Kingswood Factory was transformed into a gorgeous family home by Max Capocaccia while ensuring that it fit in perfectly with its predominantly industrial neighborhood. The timber and steel facade of the home has a silhouette that easily blends in with the existing backdrop of the port, with the interior also paying a fitting tribute to the older structure.

Open plan living area of industrial home with skylights

The original structure of the home was seriously damaged in a series of earthquakes in the early part of this decade, and the homeowners wanted their renovated residence to reflect its past by incorporating the trusses salvaged from the warehouse. A spacious, open plan living area welcomes you indoors with large windows framing the view of the port, distant hills and the scenery beyond to absolute perfection. The double-height living area also features an informal dining room and a classy kitchen and leads the way to the cozy mezzanine-level bedroom and study.

One can see clearly see a distinct modern-industrial style indoors, with salvaged décor additions and industrial-style lighting setting the stage for a relaxing, fun and cheerful home. [Photography: Mick Stephenson]

An element of industrial style also creeps into the lighting fixtures inside the family residence

Trusses from the original house reused with elegance in the modern makeover

View of the lower level living area from the bedroom

Reused design elements and and salvaged pieces shape much of the sweeping interior

Sliding barn door entrance for the bedroom

Industrial modern home renovation in New Zealand with a spacious interior

The demolition of the house revealed the original trusses. These were rescued and safely stored by the client who was hoping to reuse them if possible. 
The trusses became an important feature of the new build. Their strengthening was achieved with rusted metal plates and exposed bolts. They have been reused in the central part of the building…

Amazing view of the port, distant hills and southern sea from the house

Bathtub in the corner of the upper level master bedroom

Small corner shower area with a potted plant next to it

Narrow deck area of the industrial home in New Zealand

Industrial remodel of Kingswood Factory in New Zealand

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