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How To Incorporate Curves and Arches Without Construction

Many interior design trends in 2023 focus on soothing shapes. Curvy silhouettes introduce softness to the space, which is a great alternative to the crispness of straight lines. Organic forms capture the essence of nature and convey it in a visually pleasing way. 

How do you go about incorporating arches and curves in your home? Here are some valuable tips on implementing the latest trends without construction!

Painted arches on walls

Incorporating organic shapes in your home without construction doesn’t have to be a challenge. Painting arches is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce a touch of softness to your interior design. Think of highlighting your bed by creating a visual headboard that anchors it. Or, you can paint an arch to highlight your favorite oversized cactus. 

A gorgeous blush arch helps to anchor this desk in the middle of a white wall, and the nicely curated shelf creates a proportionate setting that looks tasteful. Explore your options and discover the possibilities that will best flatter your space. 

painted wall arch
Photo Credits: Josie Michelle Davis
painted wall arch
Photo Credits: Fall For DIY
painted wall arch
Photo Credits: Delineate Your Dwelling

Arched mirror

Mirrors are a classic decor option that never goes out of fashion. However, trends regarding the shape and frames are prone to change. In 2023, we’ll see more decor bloggers switching the square ones out with gorgeous arched mirrors. The delicate lines and curves add the desired softness to any space and bring it up-to-date with the latest trends.

arched mirror
Photo Credits: Case Work


Doorways are such an understated design feature that can transform a space. When a square doorway appears too harsh, it is time to round it out. The flowy shape feels soft and delicate, allowing a seamless transition between spaces. In addition, an arched doorway becomes a natural focal point without overwhelming the room with too much detail.

painted door arch
Photo Credits: The K Wendy Home


Don’t forget that it’s all the small details that make a space. Updating your hardware is one of the simplest ways to incorporate more delicate shapes into your home. Round and curvy fixtures convey that organic feel you want to bring.

curvy tapware
Photo Credits: Abi Interiors

Curvy furniture

Introducing furniture with a round silhouette and flowy lines is a great way to implement the trend. Think about adding flowy furniture to contrast with any harsh lines in a room. Using a shapely chair as part of your design is a great way to balance out the crisp lines and create harmony.

curvy furniture
Photo Credits: House and Home

Arched niche

Recessed wall shelves provide additional storage while seamlessly blending into the design. An arched recessed shelf can become the main statement in a living room, introducing an organic feel. This type of shelving is also a great way to add softness to the kitchen. 

arch niche
Photo Credits: Home Bunch
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