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How To Spruce Up Your Patio For The Outdoor Entertainment Season

When spring is around the corner, that means it’s time to prepare your outdoor space for entertaining! While setting up your furniture and decor is essential, there is more to it than that. Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends? This post features the critical step for preparing your patio, so make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Step 1: It’s Always Cleaning

Setting up your patio for the spring requires some prep work. Since you probably haven’t used the patio for a few months, its probably time for deep cleaning. Sweep up the debris and use a power washer to clean the surface thoroughly. If you notice any imperfections that need fixing, it is better to tackle them immediately at this stage. Also, this is the perfect time for regular maintenance, depending on the patio material. 

outdoor patio
Photo Credits: Three Birds Renovations

Providing Shade

While the first spring sun rays are welcome after the cold months, don’t forget that when the dog days of summer come around, you’ll be looking for some shade. Provide a shaded area with a parasol, or think about covering your patio with a pergola. If you’re taking on a construction project, starting it now would have your patio ready for your first scheduled party of the summer season!

outdoor porch with woven furniture, pinka nd green pillows and floral accents
Photo Credits: Julia Berolzheimer

Prepare Your Furniture

Before placing the furniture on your patio, you must ensure it is clean and tidy. Your furniture likely gathered dirt and dust when stored for the winter, or maybe you even left your furniture outdoors to fend for itself in the elements and its in serious need of some love. Different materials require different cleaning methods. A bucket of warm soapy water would do fine for most materials, but check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information. 

If you have metal patio furniture, inspect it for damage and rust. You might need to apply sealants to wooden furniture to keep it pristine. Also, remember to wash the cushions. 

outdoor patio
Photo Credits: Halfway Whoelistic

Zone your patio

If your patio size allows, feel free to divide it into different zones using furniture. Your outdoor sofa is the main seating area, accompanied by a dining table. With this, you have a relaxed lounging area and an al fresco dining setting for your guests. 

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, you might want to consider opening your kitchen window to the outdoors. A large window with an extended sill is perfect for adding bar stools.


When your patio is all setup, its time to add personality. Feel free to accessorize your outdoor space to create cohesion with your indoor space. Vibrant throw pillows and dreamy lanterns are an excellent starting point. Add LED candles or string lights to achieve a subtle glow for a romantic atmosphere. 

outdoor patio with fairy lights, blue velvet outdoor furniture surrounding table with white cloth, cacti accents and patterned rugs
Photo Credits: Jane At Home
wooden patio swing chair with bright green pillows, patterned rug and green potted plants
Photo Credits: Golden Boys And Me
outdoor patio
Photo Credits: Style By Emily Henderson
outdoor patio with open patio umbrella, string lights, gold dining room table and wooden furnture
Photo Credits: Black And Blooms
outdoor patio with wooden baskets for seating, basket chair with corgi seated on it and brightly colored decorations
Photo Credits: Style By Emily Henderson
covered patio with large white table and chairs, bright pink flower pot, outdoor television and fireplace
Photo Credits: A Blissful Nest
outdoor patio with geometric rug, grey outdoor sofa and colorful floral pillows
Photo Credits: Maison De Pax
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