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Aging Home in Sao Paulo Transformed into a Stunning Brazilian Furniture Store

A spacious, yet old home nestled on a lush green lot in Sao Paulo is the setting for Dpot’s latest and most beautiful store in all of Brazil. Dpot, a brand that was created by Sergio Buchpiguel in 1969 is at the forefront of creating world-class contemporary Brazilian furniture and this gorgeous space is the stage that showcases their latest décor pieces. Transformed into a beautiful and unique store from an old and closed residence by Isay Weinfeld, the new interior is open to the serene garden outside on the lower level. Building and soil constraints meant that the store had to be crafted using smart renovation techniques instead of a complete overhaul.

Awesome new Dpot store in Sao Paulo showcase furniture with a difference

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the lower level give the store a refreshing and cheerful look while connecting the storefront to the world outside. This creates a flowing dynamic between both the worlds while the top level is draped in exquisite wooden surfaces. Décor from Dpot is placed throughout the store as if it would be place in a contemporary residence and this gives customers greater clarity while making a purchasing choice. Even lighting and cool lighting niches put the final touches on the clever transformation. [Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG]

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New Dpot store in Sao paulo with an open and inviting setting
Open lower level of the Dpot store with glass walls
Spiral staircase inside the Dpot
Mesmerizing wooden roof coupled with gorgeous lighting inside the Dpot
Mezzanine and patio levels at the Dpot
Look inside the stunning new Dpot showroom in Sao Paulo

Upon studying the Soil Usage and Occupation laws in force, we realized factors such as usage index, mandatory setbacks, etc., would be very different (and unfavorable) in the case of a new building, following demolition of the existing. Thus, ensuring the same constructive potential would mean renovating and converting the existing structure.

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Display of best modern Brazilian furniture at the Dpot
Dpot’s new store in Sao paulo
Glass walls connect the interior with the garden outside
Home surrounded by large garden turned into Dpot store in Sao Paulo
Beautifully lit and minimal interior the Dpot store
Different levels of the store showcasing best of modern Brazilian furniture

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