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Serene Residence on Isle of Skye Blends Rural and Modern Aesthetics

Medieval castles, a rugged coastline, the sight of unending blue waters, colorful wild flowers breaking up the vast greenery, and the promise of tranquility that eludes life in the big city – Isle of Skye has it all and a whole lot more! Any holiday home or residence on this scenic island instantly becomes a showstopper, thanks to the landscape that surrounds it. But the fabulous Tinhouse designed by Rural Design offers a whole lot more, as it effortlessly combines the form of a classic rural barn with contemporary style and finishes to create a fusion of two contrasting worlds.

Tinhouse on the Isle of Skye overlooks a lovely natural landscape

Nestled on a steep site that offers unabated views of The Minch, the house draws your attention with its corrugated aluminum exterior that gives it a bold, white and metallic sheen. Going beyond just the aesthetics, the exterior of this smart family home offers considerable protection from the harsh winter weather and gusty winds that are all too common in this part of the world. A series of glass windows connects the interior with the world outside and brings in the ever-changing sights and sounds of nature. On the inside, one sees a far more ‘modern and minimal’ approach to design, with curated décor, polished finishes and a color scheme based on white and gray.

Corrugated metal sheeting shapes the exterior of Tinhouse on the Isle of Skye

Tinhouse by Rural Design embraces the exterior of rural sheds but with a modern upgrade

Timber and hand poured concrete deck outside the relaxing Tinhouse

A series of timber framed windows connect the social zone with the outdoors

Pops of orange and blue add colors of nature to the spacious, neutral interior

A dash of green and orange enliven the contemporary interior in white and gray

Timber left over from the construction and concrete shape an eco-conscious interior that reduces wastage

With an open living area that also houses the kitchen and dining space becoming the social zone and heart of the house, one feels that the interior is a lot more spacious than it really is. Pops of green and orange enliven the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, while furniture crafted from leftover structural timber and concrete gives the home a planet-friendly twist. A large wooden and concrete deck outside complete a home that is inviting, practical and peaceful. [Photography: David Barbour]

Modern bedroom with nature views and pops of orange and green

Serene modern bedroom in white with a pop of green

White and green bathroom idea

Metal and glass exterior of the Tinhouse combines farmhouse look with modern aesthetics

View from a distance of the gorgeous holiday home on Isle of Skye

Floor plan of the modern Tinhouse on Isle of Skye

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