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Sensational Star Wars Home Transports You to a Different Dimension!

If you are one of those many Star Wars fans who spends countless hours in an entirely different universe as you explore its many quirks and characters, then this amazing home in Taipei will surely leave you spellbound. And even if you are not really into the sci-fi saga, it is hard to turn away from this magical apartment where every little detail has been carefully crafted to fulfill the fantasy of its homeowners. Star Wars fanatic or not, this is an interior that demands attention! The stunning 132-square-meter apartment was crafted with great care by White Interior Design, and every detail here pays tribute to the Star Wars universe.

Family home in Taipei inspired by the Star Wars universe

It goes without saying that the young owners of this apartment are more than in love with the epic, but to translate it into a gorgeous home that is still inviting, exciting and unique definitely takes some doing. The open plan living area is filled with a bright yellow couch that provides an otherwise neutral space with plenty of color, while Darth Vader masks, throw pillows and other action figures from the Star Wars universe instantly reveal the theme of the room. The two central pieces of this dramatic home grace the dining space that sits next to the living area with a TIE Fighter-inspired dining table and the bright red, Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber.

Darth Vader and light saber style lighting rules the living room of the Star Wars home

Fabulous sofas in bright yellow add a fun focal point to the open living room

Living room and dining of the Star Wars home

Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber chandelier and TIE fighter inspired dining table for the Star Wars home

Entertainment zone and living room of the Star Wars home

TIE Fighter inspired dining room with matching chiars in black and double-bladed lightsaber chandelier

TIE Fighter styled dining table is the showstopper of this Star Wars home

The kids’ rooms are no different, with custom wall creations that draw inspiration from the Millennium Falcon driver cockpit, even as the wardrobes blend in with the overall theme. No matter where you turn, it is hard, if not impossible, to get away from the dominant theme of this fascinating apartment. And while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it surely transports you into another universe! [Photography: HighliteImages]

Yellow provides the perfect balance to black in the fun living room

Millennium Falcon driver cabin style design on the kids' room wall

Kids' room with racing car beds and cabinets inspired by the Millennium Falcon

Children's room carries with it the Star Wars theme

Lightsaber lighting fixture for the Star Wars fanatic

Herringbone pattern flooring adds to the class of the living space

Floor plan of the Star Wars home in taipei

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