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Spectacular Home Renovation Frames Imposing Views of Lake Austin and Beyond

It is hard to imagine that a home as splendid and extravagant as the Hilltop Residence in Austin, Texas was a dark and dingy structure from the 1980s until recently. It was only after its new owners turned to Miró Rivera Architects that the true potential of this fabulous Texas home and the lot on which it sits were fully realized. Transforming the seemingly boring house into a contemporary masterpiece that enthralls with unabated views of the majestic Lake Austin and the rolling hills that surround it, its revamped design leaves you simply awestruck.

Hilltop Residence Miró by Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas

What was previously the driveway and garage was turned into the new courtyard, and a series of stepped terraces and an open central space now welcome you in style. Clad in Pennsylvania bluestone, the entrance presents a mere preview into the greater grandeur that lies within the home. A new foyer and a fireplace delineate space and offer more privacy to those in the living and dining room. The expansive lake views are hidden carefully by this feature, and it is only when you venture in further that you realize the true magnificence on display.

New entrance, landscape and courtyard covered in Pennsylvania bluestone

Design of the new entrance and fireplace hides the views and reveals them gradually

Stunning fireplace becomes the focal point of the new living room

Floor-to-ceiling glass window offer a stunning view of Lake Austin and the rolling hills

Goregous Austin home with lake views and contemporary style

Beautifully framed views bring the landscape indoors

Deck and pool outside become a part of the living room visual

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows open the living and dining area to the outdoors, while the central room separates the wing with dining space, kitchen, kids’ bedrooms and breakfast zone from the zone that contains the master suite, home gym and office. On the outside, a distinctive aluminum trellis provides shade to those on the terraces and also ushers in cool geometric contrast. With an amazing infinity-edge pool and outdoor lounge, this is one Texas home where opulence and ergonomics come together with unrivaled panache. [Photography: Rachel Kay]

Spacious contemporary kitchen with unique workstation and state-of-the-art island

Exquisite contemporary bathroom with marble and glass shower area

Renovated Austin home offers a view of Lake Austin and the rolling hills

Aluminum overhang, Korean grass and wooden walls give the interior ample visual contrast

Aluminum trellis offers ample shade for those on the wooden deck

View of the infinity pool, aluminum trellis and outdoor lounge at the Hilltop Residence

Floor plan of contemporary Austin home befor renovation

Floor plan of Hilltop Residence after renovation

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