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Turning Heritage Melbourne Home into a Polished Modern Family Residence

A smart fusion of the old and the new, the Brick & Gable House in Melbourne is another one of those masterfully transformed heritage terrace house in the city that seems to find the perfect balance between two contrasting worlds. Designed by Breathe Architecture, the residence was altered to meet the demands of a modern family who wanted to make the most of the limited space on offer while preserving the past of the structure sufficiently. It is brick that plays a central role even in the new avatar of the home with its exposed surface shaping the street façade. On the inside a more polished color palette of white and gray takes over.

Gray accent wall brings sophistication to the kitchen in white and wood

An old and poorly maintained 1980’s extension of the home was completely removed and a new extension added in its place to cater to the needs of the family. A freestanding brick studio in the rear also acts as the guest quarters while giving the homeowners a painting studio, workshop and a whole lot more. Light finds its way beautifully into the house with the smart use of glass windows and folding doors while lovely wooden surfaces bring warmth and uniqueness to the entire setting.

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Fabulous kitchen connected with the green space outside
Gray white and wood kitchen of the Melbourne home
Custom black TV unit and shelving for the living space
Lovely Living room TV unit also helps delineate space
Interior preserves the original features of the heritage home

In the living room a custom TV unit with smart shelves in black next to it not only creates an interesting focal point but also allows one to delineate space with ease. Exquisite in its makeover and functional, this modern Melbourne house does away with excess and favors practicality over flowery design. [Photography: Tom Ross]

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Transforming a heritage listed terrace house into a modern family house
View from the street of the Brick and Gable House
Brick sections give the heritage home an air of authenticity
Metallic railing for the staircase inside the brick house
Smart and stylish Brick and Gable House in Melbourne

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