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Breathtaking $8.5 Million Waterfront Home in Miami Exudes World-Class Luxury

We often talk about dream homes and how we can turn our own residence into one, but there are a few occasions when we discover houses that are well and truly amazing and are absolute dream dwellings on their own. Occupying prime location inside the gated community of Normandy Golf Course Island and with 300 feet of enviable open Bay, this stunning contemporary home in Miami was recently sold for $8.5 million. Think that is a bit too steep a price for a home? You will change your perception quickly once you take a tour inside this amazing masterpiece with world-class luxury, ample space and bay views that are exceptional.

Access to 300 feet of unobstructed bay area at the lavish Miami home

It is easy to see the charm of this magnificent home even from a distance and its access to the bay makes it even more special. In fact, the lavish home feels like an island on its own; one that combines tropical flair with modern minimalism and unabated luxury. With 7 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, there is no shortage of space inside and the many common areas, the double-height living area and kitchen in white ensure that the focus remains firmly on the view outside.

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Stunning contemporary home in Normandy Golf Course Island
Awesome Miami Beach House brings the tropical paradise concept alive!
Beach style bedroom in white and gray with a view to match
Concrete and white give the interior a fresh, modern look
Contemporary kitchen in white and gray
Expansive living room with Bay views

A white and concrete color scheme can be found throughout the house with pops of gray bringing interest to it. An infinity pool and spacious deck with the bay next to them complete a sensational residence that is undoubtedly one of the best in the region.

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Fabulous staircase connecting different levels of the contemporary Miami home
Floating wooden vanity in the modern minimal bathroom
Infinity pool with bay views
Keeping the bedroom minimal to elevate the view outside
Look inside one of the 7 bedrooms of the lavish Miami home
Pool overlooking the gorgeous bay area
Spectacular interior of the home with white taking over

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