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Design Ideas for Combined Guest/Kids’ Bathrooms

When your guest bath is also your children’s powder room, it can be tricky to create a kid-friendly environment that’s also welcoming to your guests. Bath products and toys may fill the counters and ledges, and good luck explaining to your little ones that the fancy soap is only for grown-ups! The solution: sticking with classy yet colorful decor that’s pleasing to everyone. Then again, good storage never hurts! You may be surprised that a little bit of strategizing can go a long way when it comes to combined guest/kid bathrooms. Keep reading for helpful details and plenty of design inspiration… [photo below from The Land of Nod]

Bathroom design from The Land of Nod

Practical Style

Let’s start with a few basics. Whether you have ample cabinet space or everything is out in the open, creating a storage system is key. If everything has its place, you can keep clutter in check when guests visit, and if need be, you can even pack away certain items (such as bath toys) by quickly moving a storage container. From corralling toys to containing laundry, large baskets are never a bad idea. Below we see a collection of interesting storage baskets from ferm LIVING, such as the Mint Dot Basket:

Storage baskets from ferm LIVING

While the need for ample grooming products may be hard to deny, it’s easy to create a unified look with matching storage containers. The Strapping Desk and Bath Storage Collection brings handwoven style home:

Bathroom storage solutions from The Land of Nod

Looking for a way to add color without settling for containers featuring cartoon characters? Acrylic is a fun, eye-catching material loved by kids and adults alike. This On Display Quad Cup in Yellow from The Land of Nod is perfect for bathroom products ranging from toothpaste to hair bands. And if you get tired of it in the powder room, you can give it a special place in the art closet:

Bathroom caddies from The Land of Nod

If your storage needs are large but you don’t want to sacrifice style for function, consider a large woven basket that can rest on the floor. Check out The Land of Nod’s Merchant Silver Hampers, which are crafted from seagrass. A removable lid makes them accessible, while a an eye-catching zigzag pattern appeals to kids of all ages!

Earthy woven laundry hampers

Another practical necessity that can add a stylish element to your space is a step stool. These Squared Up Step Stools from The Land of Nod are great for helping little ones reach the sink…and for holding plush towels and other fine products when it’s bath time for guests!

Metal step stools add function and style

Whimsical Patterns

With some basics covered, let’s talk about patterns! This IS a kids’ space, after all! And with today’s large array of whimsical design trends, you can bring in patterns that kids will find enchanting and adults will find interesting. We’re smitten with this Painted Eye Statement Wall from A Beautiful Mess, which has the look of wallpaper and the benefit of a truly budget-friendly project:

Painted eye statement wall from A Beautiful Mess

If you have your heart set on wallpaper, you can bring in a classy design filled with child-friendly motifs. This delightful Farrow and Ball toile wallpaper featured at Emily Henderson is on display in the powder room that her children share:

Jack and Jill bathroom from Emily Henderson

A super-easy way to add pattern to your powder to room is by selecting a fun shower curtain. This Half Moon Shower Curtain from ferm LIVING can work with a range of color schemes:

Black and white shower curtain from ferm LIVING

Or you can throw in a 3D element with a shower curtain featuring a design that seems to leap off the fabric. This Confetti Party Shower Curtain from The Land of Nod is festive and modern.

Confetti shower curtain

Another benefit of a shower curtain: it can conceal tub clutter on days you don’t have guests staying at your home/using your bath. For example, you can attach hooks to your tile behind the curtain and use them to hold everything from bath toys to a lightweight newborn tub (as it dries out between uses). You may know that the curtain is hiding a secret stash, but all guests will see are those colorful tassels! [shower curtain below featured in the studio bathroom makeover of A Beautiful Mess]

Colorful tassel shower curtain

Special Touches

Last but not least, while current powder room trends seem to favor neutral tones, don’t be afraid to add bold pops of color. Vivid bath towels and mats are a great way to bring in a big dose of personality. And there are plenty of modern designs that both children and grown-ups will love. [bath mats and towels below from The Land of Nod]

Bath mats and towels from The Land of Nod

Blush is one of today’s biggest color trends. Yes, pink is almost a neutral in today’s design realm. Take advantage of pink’s popularity in your guest/kids’ bath, especially since selections like these Organic Jacquard Bath Towels in Pink are at the ready. Bonus: they’re crafted from 100% organic cotton:

Bath towels from The Land of Nod

Looking for an easy way to add color? Try painting the door of the powder room a vivid hue, such as yellow. Even painting the inside of the door can make a big impact. This small studio bathroom makeover from A Beautiful Mess shows the magic that a sliding barn door can add to a tiny bathroom space:

Painted sliding barn door featured at A Beautiful Mess

If your kids are crafty, get them involved in fun DIY projects that will make the powder room special. We’re loving the ombre look of these DIY Gradient Soap Bars, also featured at A Beautiful Mess:

Gradient soap from A Beautiful Mess

Bring on the wall hooks! Not only will they keep towels off the floor, they can add a playful element to your space, especially when it comes to these wall hooks from ferm LIVING (shown below). Can you spot the Rabbit Hook on the far left? Also pictured: the dog, panda, and sea lion!

Cute wall hooks from ferm LIVING

Let’s wrap up, shall we? As you probably noticed, the bathroom design ideas featured at The Land of Nod were a big inspiration for today’s post. Neutral walls and flooring keep the look timeless, and bright accents remind us that kids’ spaces can be created with a few colorful pieces. If the room is well thought out (storage and step stools are often necessities), the rest can fall into place. Happy decorating!…

Children’s bathroom design from The Land of Nod

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