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Playful and Colourful Bathroom Exclusively For Children by Laufen

Hey, this is exclusively for kids! Here comes a cool colorful bathroom specially designed for you! The trendy and playful bathroom range Florakids for kids, designed by UK-based Laufen, can find their place in nurseries, kindergartens and play-schools and homes too. The contrasting colors used in these bathrooms will be really appealing to the children, while accessories are inspired from the children’s favorite animal and plant kingdoms so as to evoke imagination and fantasy.

The bathroom has a washstand with its basin as centerpiece with a color range in white, green and red. There are ceramic shelves along with the basin in the shape of clouds, which are also available in the three shades. The main attraction for kids will be the mirrors that sport shapes of flowers and caterpillars in red and green hues. The Florakids range is devoid of edges or corners as they are made exclusively for children. The seats with small diameter have a back-support and are available in white, red and green colors. Florakids also imparts some lessons in hygiene to children with a single-lever mixer for the wash-basin which can be used easily.. There’s one worry, though. Chances are that your kids might want to spend most of their time inside this bathroom, and make it  a play-area!

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