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Green Wonder Home with a Live Roof: Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Dwelling

There is little doubt that green homes are our future. Sure, you can have a bit of skepticism about both clean energy on a larger scale and global climatic changes, but it is impossible to deny the many benefits that a green home brings along with it. It does much more than help make the planet we live in a better place and preserve it for future generations. It ensures that over time, your life becomes healthier, happier and much more cost-effective. The Hill House in Russia is one such gorgeous and innovative modern residence designed by Snegiri Architects with a green roof that ends up stealing the spotlight.

Modern, energy-efficient Hill House in Russia with a green roof that comes alive

When viewed from rear, the home seems to blend in with the lush green landscape around it. Apart from the tall trees around the house, a wonderful ‘live roof’ filled with ‘stonecrop and dwarf plants’ allows the home to disappear into the scenery. The green roof also aids in keeping the temperatures inside moderate across seasons while the smart series of windows and doors usher in heat and light during hotter months. A small wooden deck, smart organization of spaces inside and features like cold-proof mineral wool complete the adaptive and energy-efficient Hill House.

Section of the house completely clad in dark wood makes an instant impact
Small outdoor wooden deck of the green home with a fabulous live roof
Smart placement of corner windows helps in creating a great passive house
Tall trees around the green home add an additional layer of cover and improve passive heating and cooling
Facade of the house laced with glass doors and windows brings in ample natural light ahd heat during colder months
Facade of the house laced with glass doors and windows brings in ample natural light and heat during colder months

Project client is a man fond of innovations, admirer of modern technologies and gadgets, because of that project is equipped with the “smart house” system along with guarding system. Near the house there is a parking spot with Tesla car charger. Apart from passion for modern science achievements, client also loves history, being art and vintage furniture collector, which has influenced house interior.

Gorgeous street facade of the home keeps the rear green roof completely hidden
Live roof of the green home allows it to blend in with the landscape
modern bathroom of the home in black and white with a wooden ceiling
Sectional design plan of the modern eco-friendly house in Russia with a sloped green roof

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