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An Eye on the Ocean and the Forest: Spectacular Modern Home in Costa Rica

Architecture that acts as a bridge between the landscape and those who inhabit it is often the one that produces the best result. Nestled on a lush green lot in Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, Ocean Eye is a gorgeous contemporary residence that offers panoramic views of both the ocean in the distance and the dense forest scenery that surrounds it. The dashing home is essentially a window into two different natural ecosystems, and its designers Benjamin Garcia Saxe did their best in trying to create a breezy residence that invites in both of these lovely backdrops.

Exquisite contemporary home in Costa Rica with Ocean Views

The house moves away from the usual form of stylish, contemporary residences and uses a series of large wooden decks, terraces, bridges and walkways to create an interior that is as much outdoorsy as it is sheltered and cozy! One feels both connected with the elements and protected from them at the same time, with the beautiful indoor-outdoor interplay of the structure crafted from wood, metal and glass. It is the lower level that contains the living area, dining space and kitchen, along with a single bedroom and storage area. It is the open top level that holds the master bedroom, along with additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Beautiful Ocean Eye private Residence in Costa Rica

Contemporary family home in Costa Rica with ocean views

Rear facade of the Ocean Eye with a series of terraces and pool

Simple contemporary pool that offers both jungle and ocean views

Steel and wood create a series of platforms and terraces that create a smart indoor-outdoor interplay

Wooden ceiling and terraces give the interior an inviting appeal

Sweeping wooden terrace and interior opens up to the ocean and jungle views outside

Open dining area and kitchen of the breathtaking family home in Costa Rica

Indoor dining space seems as much outside as it does inside!

Gorgeous wooden terraces bring the forest scenery indoors

Cheerful and open bedroom design that flows into the forest landscape

The steel and wooden structure of the house itself seems to float above the ground in an effortless fashion and adds to the relaxing atmosphere at the Ocean Eye. A large pool and serene garden complete life at this stunning Costa Rican home where nature, comfort and ocean-side goodness come together with panache. [Photography: Andres Garcia Lachner]

Minimal bath at the Ocean Eye brings the outdoors inside

View of the ocean and the green landscape from the spacious contemporary deck

Concrete kitchen island and worktops coupled with wooden cabinets

Top level bedroom and terraces at the Ocean Eye

Elegant wooden structure give the home a unique silhouette

Lighting showcases the open and breezy Costa Rican home in a completely different light!

Lovely lighting adds to the warmth of the contemporary ocean-side Costa Rican home

Ocean Eye by Benjamin Garcia Saxe at night

First level floor plan with open living area

Second level floor plan with bedrooms

Site plan of Ocean Eye in Costa Rica

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