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Marquise House: A World of Glass, Concrete and Nature-Filled Intrigue!

We adore architects that turn the challenges born out of topography into unique opportunities to showcase their creative brilliance. Nestled on a leafy 700-square-meter site in Sao Paulo, the Marquise House by Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitectos does precisely the same, as it uses an open-air, glassy pavilion to connect the interior with the outdoors, even as a stunning, concrete monolith offers both ample privacy and visual contrast. The distinctive design of the residence came about by combining the homeowners’ desire for a multi-generational home that will serve them well for years to come with the vision of the architects that tapped into the 17-degree slope of the lot.

Open central living aea of the stylish Sao Paulo home

It is the ground level that contains the sparkling, glass-walled central kitchen, dining and living space that flows into the green garden and pool area outside. The simple structure of the home ensures that the entire family can enjoy an extended ‘family zone’ while soaking in the sunlight and relishing the multitude of sights and sounds outside. The marquee protects this glass edifice, even while creating shaded walkways between the different wings of the home.

Bedrooms and the master suite are tucked away in the lower level, along with additional bathrooms and a deck. Opening up towards the natural garden, this special design of the two levels ensures those inside always stay connected with the landscape. [Photography: Rafaela Netto]

Design of the home allows you to enjoy a central family zone

Glass walls completely open up the interior to the landscape outside

Living area with fireplace and luxurious couch and an open, airy ambiance

Pavilion-styled kitchen and dining area zone of the contemporary home

Pool and central retreat of the courtyard home in Sao Paulo

Inerior of the home is connected visually with the pool area

Contemporary poolside retreat with fabulous lighting

Small pool and deck of the central courtyard

After many conferences, we had noticed the paramount point for the coming years of the house’s usage was the existence of spaces capable of catalyzing the union of the family; the house as a physical realization of the gathering of their children and grandchildren, a sort of physical grounds in which the ever-expanding and dividing family may reunite and commune.

Courtyard of the elegant home with a glass-walled living area

Concrete path borders the grassy central zone

Fabulous landscape lighting around the open sao paulo home

Structure of the home on sloped site creates a natural private zone

Unique design and facade of the concrete home in Brazil

Private street facade of the gorgeous Sao Paulo home with an open, central courtyard

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