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Art House: Glass and Concrete Masterpiece with Captivating Valley Views

A contemporary home can mean different things for different folk. It also means a different design in different parts of the world. Local conditions and topography play a major role in shaping residences and creating smart solutions. In fact, it is a challenging landscape that often gives birth to some of the most breathtaking and unique homes! Art House by Renata Elizondo is one such exquisite home that sits on an inclined lot and overlooks captivating hills and valley in the distance. The house was created using concrete and glass and the textural, visual contrast created by these two elements instantly steals the show!

Fabulous glass and concrete facade of Art House in Mexico

Step in and you see that the materials that shape the façade also continue to make an impact indoors. Despite the street façade of the house being private, it opens up towards the rear section to connect the interior with the yard and pool area. A series of walkways and verandahs around the house also help in improving connectivity and also usher in a cheerful, healthier lifestyle. There is no shortage of natural sunshine in this region of the world and the contours of the home bring passive cooling techniques, which cut back reliance on artificial cooling.

Another interesting feature here is the brilliant deck hat holds the pool area and the garden around it that is filled with desert plants like organs, biznagas, cacti and magueys. A smart setting that is a touch different from most other modern homes you would come across!

View of the garden, pool area and the house along with the distant valley
Custom lighting for both the interior and exterior of Art House in Mexico
Curated garden outside showcases beauty of desert plants
Curated garden outside showcases beauty of desert plants
Lighting the entry and the stairwell for modern house
Relaxing poolside seats allow the homeowners to take in the sights and sounds outside

The project responds to the needs of a family looking for a space that would preserve the essence of a Mexican home in a contemporary project with all the comforts of a residential home. A set of terraces are the geometric components by which the house is attached to the property. The pool, the house and the planters in consecutive and descending order are anchored to the property by means of concrete walls.

Simple modern staircase of the house keeps things elegant and understated
Unique woodwork and doors bring vernacular Mexican charm to the interior
Desert landscape add vegetation become a part of the overall home setting
Series of covered verandahs around the house link public and private areas
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